Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Trip to KC Part 2 (Storehouse-Huntsville HOP)

Our Trip to KC
Part 2

So before we left Orlando, I was praying and talking to the Lord about the desire in my heart to minister at the place where we stop along the journey to KC. The only place that I knew of that I may be able to set up some small ministry type things was in the Carolina's and that was way out of the way. We decided that we were going to be stopping in Huntsville, Al to visit my Aunt and uncle and other family that lives there as well. I asked The Lord to set up something where I could serve the local body of Christ in Huntsville though at the time, I had no connections for ministry there.

The next day while I was in the prayer room at OHOP washing my hands in the bathroom, a man was next to me washing his hands as well. We introduced ourselves and as it turned out, I was talking to Ted Amey,the director of the House of Prayer in Huntsville!!! I love the way The Holy Spirit sets these things up!!! He hears and answers prayer indeed!!! After talking for a bit, Ted asked if I could come and talk to his leadership team about the harp and bowl model and to help to gain understanding regarding the model and how to flow in it. I was happy to serve another house of prayer!!! It's actually what I've been asking God to release me to do; to be sent out to strengthen growing houses of prayer all over the world. All that to say, it was a pleasure to pour into this awesome leadership team.

As I mentioned in the past posting, our digital camera died so Ted let me use his iphone to take some pics for all of you of Storehouse and the people I connected with while there.

This pic is of Ted and myself next to the boiler roomish station in the prayer room. I really like this guy. :)

In this pic is Carl, one of the worship leaders at Storehouse and Chris, the worship director (her husbands name is John Knox. Pretty sweet huh?) I got to know them over the few days I spent with them. Their so hungry for the establishing of the house of prayer in their city. It is so encouraging to see people so hungry for the courts of The Lord.

This is a pic of what it looks like when you first walk into the prayer room at Storehouse. I really like this house or prayer. It reminds me a lot of our little prayer room we planted in downtown Orlando 4 years ago.

This house of prayer is a really cool mixture of the DNA of the 24/7 movement in Europe and what God is doing at IHOP. When I was first introduced to the prayer movement, it was through the book "Red Moon Rising" by Pete Grieg. (READ IT!!! It'll rock you!) So this house of prayer has a special place in my heart as it brings me back to the early day in the prayer movement when it was all messy and awesome. Our first prayer room plant was according to the model of the 24/7 movement in Europe where they have stations that are interactive in the prayer room. It's very artistic in nature.

This is the station they have set up in their current building. The section in the middle is made of chicken wire and in the holes are rolled pieces of paper with hand written prayer requests for people to pray for. The section to the right with the small lights are jars with secret prays written on paper and put into the jars. They had an art station set up to the left and people would come and do prophetic art during sets.

Another pic of the cool prayer station.

This is the view of the stage. I love the fact that this HOP is in an old Church of Christ building (For those of you who don't know, the Church of Christ denomination doesn't believe in music in church. They can play secular music all they want but the minute you start doing it unto God, they literally believe you are going to hell for it. So it'a awesome to see a ministry that is worshipping God 24/7 with music, planted in this type of building). I've always wanted to see a HOP planted in an old church. It is symbolic to me of the awakening that God is bringing to this generation. It's a beautiful picture of God breathing on the dry bones of religion with the fresh move of His Holy Spirit.

I used to live in Huntsville when I was a kid and I suffered some abuse as a child in this city. SO it feels a lot like the justice of God seeing a house of prayer planted in this city. I look forward to being used by God to throw gas on this fire in the days to come. My heart is knitted to this city. It is a pleasure to partner with God and this company of intercessors for revival in this city.

So that is our time in Huntsville in a nut shell. I will be putting a part 3 up soon when we get our new digital camera so that we can take pics of the new house and the family here at IHOP.

We love all of you and we pray all is well with you. Feel free to leave comments and send us your prayer requests. We read all of them. I pray the blessing of God on you all.

All for Jesus!
M@ Bond


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Sounds amazing! I am so happy for you and your family on this odessy. Are you close to IHOP?