Friday, June 12, 2009

Bottle Feeding Has Begun....but slower than anticipated

Asher likes to hold / stroke his nose when he is sucking on fingers or a paci. I think it is his way of self soothing...kind of like a baby kitten kneeding it's momma while it nurses.

I finally got the OK to begin small oral feeds and I tried Asher on his first bottle yesterday morning. He eagerly gulped it down, but I did notice him sounding a bit congested afterwards so I didn't give him any follow up bottles. I think I'm going to ease him into this slowly instead of just giving him 4 feeds a day. I don't want him to get fluid in his lungs which would halt all progress made recently.

Please continue to pray for his eating skills and that all the muscles involved in his mouth and throat would be strengthened and fully restored. Also for his kidney's and heart to be restored.

We have another eco-cardiogram coming up with in the next few weeks and I'm praying to see improvement in his aortic kink much so that he will not require another surgery. I don't want him to loose anymore ground developmentally by being hospitalized again.

Good news....our Early Steps evaluation has been moved up so he will have a full developmental evaluation this coming Monday. They will be able to refer him to special therapists to help him in any areas he is lacking in right now. Specifically head control / Trunk strength and feeding issues. Praise God for Support!

I'll keep more updates coming. Thank you to all of you still reading this blog and praying with us for our little man's restoration! You are much appreciated!


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Dixiemom7 said...

It astounds me how your appts to evaluate Asher's progress keep getting moved up! I think it's the hand of God giving you reassurance that He has your son well taken care of. Praise His Holy Name! It's such a joy to see him doing well.