Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still haven't gotten the "Official" Ok about feeding Asher a bottle, but I hope that will come tomorrow. I really think he misses it ;( I did, however, get the test results back on his Kidney Ultrasound which was checking to see if the fluid around his kidney's had gone down. It has fact it has increased. It also looks like the kidney stones he had from all the calcium supplements he received in the hospital have gotten bigger. We have been referred to a urinologist at Nemours to see if he has a blockage causing the fluid retention. Short and sweet.....pray for new kidneys (as Michelle sais). "New heart and new Kidneys" should do him just fine!! ;) God has come through on greater challenges than this... and my faith is for Him, but I feel like I took a hit with the news. Please keep me in your prayers...that I would continue to look on the side of Faith and not fall into despair. I feel it knocking and don't want to answer the door.

Thank you to everyone keeping up with our story and praying for our family. Your prayers are defenitely felt and charished.


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Dixiemom7 said...

That is so exciting about feeding him! I will continue lifting Asher's little body up in prayer. God has him in the palm of His hand.