Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today In Review

Today's appointment went well. So far, Asher is doing very well, but we still don't know if he will need the follow up heart surgery or not. His oxygen saturation levels were 98% which is Awesome and he has gained weight since our last doctor appointment last Friday....4 ounces in 4 days! And that is even after we took him off the formula booster. Breast milk is all this baby is getting now and he is doing so well on it. Now, if only he would heal enough to be able to breast feed and my mommy's heart would feel whole again ;) I realized today why I feel like I don't hold him enough or do enough for him. It's because I'm not getting those nursing cuddle moments throughout the day to hold my boy. Yet, I'm still busy pumping and that steals time away from cuddling with him. Please just keep us in your prayers concerning the feeding issues we are facing and that I would be able to nurse my boy!! There is still a hope in my heart that it is possible and that is part of what keeps me pumping. The other being that he needs the antibodies in my milk since his immune system is compromised from the beginning.

Anyways....I have to get to sleep now...since it's after 1am and I have a very early appointment with the social security office regarding Asher's disabilities. I just finished the longest application ever, listing every doctor and procedure Asher has gone through since February. Oh well, it was worth the hours since I wouldn't have had access to all of that info had I chosen to do it at the office.

Pictures coming tomorrow when I can see straight again!


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