Thursday, May 14, 2009

Family Time at Sunset (Pics)

Matt and I have always loved going to the Lake Apopka park just to enjoy the sunsets. We use to go to de-stress from my property management job, but now we take the kids and have fun time playing together on the playground.

Asher keeping out of the wind in my baby sling. He LOVES that sling and usually falls fast asleep when in it. That small backpack over my shoulder holds his feeding pump...this is how we feed him while on the go.

Like any 2 yr old, Joel LOVES the park...and just being anywhere outdoors really! It's a good place to let him blow off his energy ;)

Those white sunglasses are a trip Matt!! (He found them one day and found out that they cut the sun's glare really well and has been wearing them ever since. It doesn't bother him that he looks like a powder puff girl!!)

The boys slide racing...

Back at home...Matt is taking a look at Joel's boo boo big toe.

Asher has quite the oral fixation! I'm hoping that means he will still be able to pick up nursing again once they clear him to eat orally.
Thank God, Asher is putting some weight on. In fact, he has been putting weight on better now that he is on straight breast milk than when they had me "fortifying" it with formula. God knows how to feed babies ;)

Hope you enjoyed the pics! I love looking at my family ;)

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Dixiemom7 said...

Thanks for sharing some special family moments. Asher is just too adorable for words.