Monday, May 11, 2009

Mamma's Day In Review

Alright....finally, a free moment! I hope all of you momma's had a special day yesterday, I know I did. Matt and his brother-in-law, John, planned a super special day for all of the "Momma's" in their lives: Me, both our moms' and his sister Erin who just had a baby a week ago. I knew the surprise was coming because Matt can't hold in a good thing for too long and spills ;), but Erin didn't find out what was going on until yesterday morning.....and she was so very touched by the gesture!

Sunday morning, we all hopped in "Momma Sue's" van and drove up to Mt. Dora for our 11:30 reservation at the Garden Gate Tea Room. Thanks to Matt telling us to be there at 11am, we were there in time for the real reservation ;)
(This is also where we are having an evening of worship next Saturday the 16th . . . all are welcome to come out and join. 8pm - Midnight . Email us for more info...

I took Asher with me and he slept the entire time in his baby sling. The atmosphere had a calming effect and was truly inviting.

We all sat down to our beautifully decorated table and were welcomed by the fresh flower centerpiece, a spray of white rose petals and a beautifully hand written menu. At first I wanted to try something new, but last minute decided to order the same delicious salad that I enjoyed last time. All of the other Mamma's ordered the chicken pot pie, which is probably the most ordered dish on the menu....and for good reason, it was delicious!! I totally forgot to bring my camera with me because I changed diaper bags last minute ; ( so I had the great idea of snapping pictures on my phone. Somehow the dinner pics didn't save, but the dessert one's did!

The Snowball - Vanilla icecream with fudge and coconut. My dessert - Actually my mom's, but when she saw mine she immediately "traded" ;)

This is actually what I ordered.... a warm pumpkin whip with homemade whipped topping , cinnemon, nutmeg and nuts...mmm!!!

My Mother-in-Law, aka "Momma Sue" ordered the lemon mouse. This was shaping up to be evryone's anticipated pick, but in the end, although good, it was our least favorite. I think it could have benefited from a thin sugar cookie crust.....just my suggestion .

Erin ordered the Strawberry Shortcake which was served over a warm biscuit. It was possibly the BEST strawberry shortcake I have ever tasted!

The food was GREAT and the service was even better. As parting gifts in celebration of Mother's Day, they left us all with gift certificates for a free meal on them.... so we all get to go back and do it all again !!! Karen and Kris have a gift for imparting rest and peace to people in need of some...they are the truest expression of the gift of hospitality that I have ever experienced! Thank you ladies, the day was perfect!! I recommend this little haven to everyone and highly recommend you all come out for the night of worship next Saturday. We will be set up in the back yard wedding tent which is simply beautiful at night. Come and'll be glad you did!


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