Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Asher News & Car Troubles

I wanted to thank everyone who has been praying for my son to get better. He was starting to exibit symptoms 2 days ago and I was afraid he was catching my head and chest cold. That started me on a frantic chase to head the germy's off at the pass and to find natural immune system boosters. I switched from giving him frozen milk to freshly pumped milk so that he could benefit from my body's antibodies already formed against this cold and hopefully squash it before it got a good foothold (like it has with me). So far, so good.....I don't even remember him coughing yesterday, which is a miracle!! Thank you God and thank you prayer warriors!!

All of this talk about him getting sick has really stirred me up to find out as much information about his immune system as possible. I want to know what to expect should he really get sick......Emergency Room Visits? Will his body still fight the sickness, just take longer?? I don't know yet and it's making me feel even more out of control....which seems to be an introductory emotional state for me to place my worries and our lives in God's capable hands.....YET AGAIN! I keep trying to take them back and make this thing work through my own strength....which is failing due to stress and lack of sleep....further proof that I MYSELF CANNOT DO GOD'S JOB! You think that realization would be firmly cemented by now wouldn't you!? It's not! After all the answered prayers we have seen... Asher home again, alive, and doing well.....I still go through times doubting the power of my prayers and feeling seperated from God! It's the human condition I guess....the flesh warring with the spirit.

Pray that my faith will be renewed and that we will have the strength to stand in the midst of the unknowns of this trial.

Car Troubles:
It's happening again.....the concern that our car is going to leave us stranded on hot days has returned. All last summer, during the hot months, our car was overheating and simply turning off at random times.....once while I was in the bank drive through, fast food lines......or while driving. It just gets hot and shuts down until it cools and decides it wants to go again. Well, today was a warm day and it started again after a wonderful reprieve during the winter months. Matt was taking his dad in to Winter Park to pick up some meds from the VA clinic and the car died, cooled and drove a couple more miles, then died again and hit repeat on the entire scenario until he finally made it back home. Thank God it didn't happen this morning when we took the boys and my mother in to see the chiropractor. (btw.....please pray for my neck....on top of everything else, it has decided to freeze up on me and I can only turn it about half way in both directions!). The air conditioning isn't really working anymore and the boys are starting to get overheated in their car seats. It isn't the greatest picture considering I have about 8 follow up appointments for Asher throughout the month of May and I don't want to get stranded downtown, alone, with the baby.

Just keep the situation in your prayers. We have an 89 Volvo, which was given to us a few years ago. That car has taken us all the way up to Nashville to attend The Call, and back and has been a great get around town car, but it is slowly becoming a financial drain. We just had to sink about $350 into it last month to fix the alternator and now this. We are totally trusting in God that He will provide our next vehicle. Matt and I have given away a number of good cars and are expecting that harvest in it's due season. Not that we Give in order to Get, but I do feel an expectantcy in my Spirit and know that God has our back in all situations. We are just trusting and waiting on Him.

Time to get back to sleep....Blessings!


Dixiemom7 said...

We were having problems with our van overheating and discovered that the fan wasn't kicking on. You might check the spark plug for that in case it's an easy fix. (Ours wasn't) I will pray for your vehicle! Also, I was praying over Asher's immune system and was wondering if you put him on your breast (not to eat just as pacifier) he could still translate his "anti-bacterial" needs to your body that way. Just a thought; great idea for you to give him the fresh milk! Have you gotten any answers on whether he could have the homeopathic remedies? Love you guys!

fixedonHim said...

Amen...trusting & waiting on HIM!! Not so fun, yet the fruit that comes forth is so good. :)

Praying for strength & grace and standing with you on these new prayer targets. Praise God Asher is feeling good!!

By the way, thank you for the book rental. I am really enjoying it....kind of alarming at times. :)

God is Good!

Love you guys,