Friday, April 3, 2009

You all sure pray well! Some relieving news.

Okay, so I called the hospital a few minutes ago to get the skinny on Asher and came back with some promising news. They told me that they are going to watch him for this week to see what happens and then send him to the cath-lab to do the surgery from a major artery in his groin instead of opening him up again. That is promising and WAY better than having to have him go through open heart surgery again. That was just too much. I mean, God brought us through and I figure He would do it again if need be but I'd prefer not needing to go through all that again. Ya know?

So, they gave us a week to pray creative miracles into existence for Asher's little aorta. I believe that God can do it in less than a week. He only took 3 days to raise Christ from the dead so a week is more than enough to do the work needed in Asher's heart. Wow, this is a pretty crazy ride eh? God is good and He is still here with us. He is for us... who can be against us? Praise God! I like God! He's a good one. He created everything I love in this life, second only to Him of course.

He did such a great job creating the Blue Ridge Mountains and the sea and all the forests. He did some great work up in Washington state with all that beautiful greenery and mountains. I like the beach. He is great at making beaches. The best I know of even. No can make a waterfall like God. I like all those animals He made too. He created Erika and Joel and Asher too. They're awesome. He also created all of you wonderful people too. He really likes you. Did you know that you are His favorite. Yep. It's true. You are His favorite. So sit there for a minute after reading this post and say out loud. "I'm His favorite and He really likes me." then just sit there until you believe it. The Love of God is going to cover you and bless you and maybe even make you cry at the fact that you are that loved by your Daddy God.

Amen. Daddy, put a new heart in Asher, please? Thank you that you're a good good Father and that you give good gifts to your children. Even new hearts and chromosomes and stuff. Just like you created the mountains and the sea, the sky at sunset and the sun. Would you create a new heart in Asher within these next few weeks and give the medical staff humility and eyes to see that they have witnessed a miracle. You're awesome! Thank you!

Bless these people. Let them know how much You Love them. Tell them all personally that their your favorite.

Mmmmmm. I like His Spirit. I'm gonna go hang out with Him for a while.

Love you all.
You'll be hearing from us soon.



Dixiemom7 said...

Amen! Praise Jesus! Thanks for this mid-day update, Matt.

Kim Johnson said...

Still standing with you for a miracle...Thanks for the pictures and the updates!

Anonymous said...

praying for yall