Friday, April 3, 2009

Some Updated News On The Surgery

Ok...some updated news on Asher's condition. I spoke with the doctor tonight and had him clarify the news we received earlier because I was a little confused. Yesterday, Dr. Aldada was saying that a stint wouldn't work and Asher would most likely need another open heart surgery...and today they were saying they could take care of it in the Cath-lab next week. Well, what they are planning to do next week in terms of the cath-lab is more diagnostics to determine just where the restriction is and how bad it is. Then, with that new information, they will determine if they need to go in and do surgery to fix it or wait and see if it will correct itself since we are dealing with living tissue here and it can grow. If they have to do surgery, it sounds like they will want to wait a little while longer, just to let his previous surgery heal. They don't like having to re-open patients because the places where things have partially healed can create extra bleeding in a repeat surgery. So...that is what the doctors know so far.

(Matt here, Erika was nodding off typing this so we decided that it would be best if I took over from here.)

What that means for us;

We pray to the God who created all that we know as existence in 6 days and rested on the 7th. What that means for us is that we are going to pray that by the power of God in Christ Asher's body will be healed and not be in need of further surgery. That's that. It's the only report I am receiving. I'm putting my foot down on this one. (please join me eh?) It's getting a big "hell no" from me. This isn't going to result in further surgery. The waves of dis-ease have come far enough. Here their proud waves will stop and go no further. Everything from here on out is covered in the Blood of Jesus. Asher's body will respond to the Word of The Lord and will be healed in fullness in Jesus' Name. His heart will not only be healed but be made new. His kidneys will have no problems functioning. They will be made new. Amen? Amen! Pray with me in agreement.

Lets keep the fire burning for Asher and for The Glory of God. I told one of the doctors about God creating the heavens and the earth in 6 days and resting on the 7th and that God healing a blood vessel is nothing to Him. He had a look on his face of absolute doubt, unbelief and maybe even offense in response to me saying that. This man is a good man. I really like him. His name is Harun (pronounced Har-oo-n) Lets pray that Harun comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and that he gets filled with child-like faith. Amen.

So here are some pictures that Erika set up before I got on here. I hope you enjoy them. they are basically tonights visit with Asher in pictures.

All for Jesus


Erika's mom holding Asher for the first time in the hospital! God bless her...she is the one watching our 2 year old son during the day so that we can visit Asher.

The last time she saw him was a short while before surgery. He has changed so much since is almost like looking at another child!

Matt soothing Asher back to sleep after waking him to put him back in bed.


Diana Scimone said...

Absolutely standing with you in agreement on this. Thus far and no more. You are right--a blood vessel is nothing for God.

Sharon said...

Yes and AMEN! Asher is made perfectly healthy by the goodness, might,love and life of God. By Jesus' stripes Asher is surely healed, and we will watch these stripes do their work.

Dixiemom7 said...

Taking a stand and praying in agreement with you!
That last picture with Matt soothing Asher back to sleep brought tears to my eyes, because it is just so normal! How many times have I done the same thing, leaning on the side of the crib with my hand on my child. Your presence giving peace. Beautiful.

CATHIE said...

Matt said (pray that by the power of God in Christ Asher's body will be healed and not be in need of further surgery. That's that. It's the only report I am receiving. I'm putting my foot down on this one.)I am in agreement with you Matt and Erika. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord! Hold fast to your profession of faith, for He will never fail us nor forsake us.