Saturday, April 4, 2009

More On Asher's "kinked" Aorta

I have a short blog excerpt tonight.
After my mom and I got our FREE haircuts today at the Aveda Institute, we stopped in to see how Asher was doing. I didn't have a lot of time today because Matt needed the car for some errands, but I had to drop off some clean onsies and a little bed snuggly as well as pick up some more breast milk storage bottles. Anyways......we got to Asher's room right when the doctor was doing his rounds with the I had a chance to speak with him. Dr. Nykanen is the director of the Arnold Palmer Cath-Lab and will be the one doing the diagnostic procedure on Asher next week. He showed me the 3D CT Rendering of Asher's heart that they took the other day and pointed out the problem area. It looks like there is a slight kink in his ascending Aorta right next to where another artery connects to bring blood to the right arm and brain. Definitely not a good place for a stint, since it would block blood flow to his brain! It helped to be able to see the images and understand why they are concerned. They are waiting until after they get more info from next weeks procedure to decide if and when they will need to do another surgery to try and enlarge that portion of the aorta. If they decide surgery is needed, but not necessary right now....they could wait up to a couple of months to give his body time to heal from the last surgery. I'm praying that next week's diagnostic finds NOTHING WRONG with his aorta at all.....or any other part of his heart for that matter!!!

Asher was having a pretty good day today. He was really interesed in checking out the bright widow behind his bed. He decided to wake up just when mom and I were getting ready to leave....broke my heart having to leave him while he was so alert.

Well, that's all the news I have for tonight. Please continue to lift little Asher up in prayer.....we are believing for a full healing with a new Heart and Kidneys in Jesus' Name!


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fixedonHim said...

Praise the Lord for the wisdom & knowledge given to the Doctors. However, we are standing & believing with you all for a complete healing, a creative to awaken every person in that hospital that has cared for Asher. JESUS IS LORD!! Glory to you God!! Thank you that all things are possible with you God, thank you for all the plans you have for the Bond Family ...plans to prosper them...not harm them. Plans to give them hope and a future.

We Love You Guys,
Roy & Denise