Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Little Happy Intercessor!

Well, our little warrior is fighting the good fight! He is finally weened of the Precedex and is now receiving full size feedings for a baby his age. The swallow study has been scheduled for sometime next week which gives him a few extra days to regain his full strength before they test him. I believe that he will not have any problems swallowing and will be able to be bottle fed until we can try him again on breast milk. Please stand with me in faith for his muscles to be strong and his vocal chords to once again function normally!

Momma's handsome very curious about things in his room. He loves looking out the window when I hold him, or finding the mylar balloon that Mamma Glenna bought for him on his one month birthday.

Our happy little intercessor

I just love this picture of looks like he is smiling because I think he really was! He was so alert and interactive...that is until his morphine kicked in..then he spaced out a little bit. I am going to be so glad when we are done with all these drugs. I want to start working with my pediatrician to clean his little body out and help build up his immune system again with things like probiotics. I have asked two different hospital staff about giving him some probiotics while he is in the CICU and they looked at me like I was off my rocker. The last lady actually told me that they can't administer anything "homeopathic" and especially nothing that isn't approved by the FDA. All that was running through my mind is......"wow...I wouldn't have labled YOGURT as homeopathic!?". I'm so surprised that more doctors/nurses aren't aware of the necessity of building a body back up after giving antibiotics, which do effectively kill the bad bacteria..but also erradicate the beneficial bacteria as well. (Bacteria that aid in digestion, for example)

But, enough about that. It's late and I'm heading off to bed after saying a quick thankyou to Lesley and Ray for bringing us a DELICIOUS veggie casserole this evening. We truly appreciate your time spent and your giving hearts!



Dixiemom7 said...

I think a lot of times, the medicos are only concerned with dealing with the problem at hand and not with actually healing. I wonder if they would let you try some "non-fat" yogurt after his swallow test goes well. Praying in agreement with you for Asher's complete healing!

The said...

WE LOVE YOU ASHER!!! We're praying for him, and for all of you... We have wanted to call, but we know you must get a million calls a day. Let us know when are good times throughout the week! Love, Derrick, Maeve, Blaise, and Posie Smith

Tess said...

That is a beautiful picture of Asher!

And you're right, there's nothing "homeopathic" about yogurt. That's silliness. L. acidophilus and his tiny cousins were perfectly content to live in our bellies and keep us healthy, long before the FDA was around to approve things.

I am keeping Asher in my thoughts! May his next surgery go well. God is in the precious air that he breathes, and in the vital blood that moves in his veins, and in the miracle of his smile. We shall take nothing for granted, for all these things are gifts.