Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Asher News / Day and Night Worship and Prayer

Asher sleeping under the prayer blanket his grandma gave him.

Hello everyone. Matt here. It's my turn to get in on some of this blogging action.

So here is the latest on Asher:
He is up to 17ml of portagen (fat free formula). He will increase to 20 ml by tomorrow afternoon which is the norm amount for an infant of his age and weight. After that they will schedule a swallow study to see if he can feed orally. If he can't they will have to insert what is called a "g-tube" which is inserted through his tummy and into his stomach. Pray that the swallow study goes well and that he has no issues with feeding orally. If the swallow study goes well it could mean that Asher can come home sooner than if he has to get the g-tube. We are not interested in the G-tube at all. We want to feed our boy like every other boy gets fed. Tomorrow, he should also get weened off the Precedex which is an anti- anxiety/amnesiac drug that he has been on for quite some time now. He is still being given lasiks (diaretic), morphine (pain), methodone (to help ween him off the other narcotic drugs) and other drugs but is not hooked up to machines with them. He has less and less machines attached to him so thats pretty good.

Sleeping with his Binky

Very aware and interested in seeing whats going on!

~ * ~
So last night I didn't get in until like 1:30-2 am because I was out worshiping with some awesome fireball lovers of God at The Garden Gate Restaurant in Mount Dora. It was AMAZING!!!! We worshiped in this tent that was set up for a wedding. It was amazing. The Holy Spirit was so tangible in that place. It has a deep well in it and I am looking forward to the next meeting we do there. If your interested in coming to one of these worship evening things, leave a comment or e-mail me with your contact info and I will get back to you and keep you in the loop. I would really like to see 72 hours of continuous worship and prayer go up there some time in May and I would like to know if anyone would be interested in participating in something like that. Let me know, I'm trying to feel this thing out. Definitely want to see it happen.

What I was wondering is this; What would happen if we let God lead a series of worship and prayer meetings. What would happen if members of the only church that Jesus is returning for would create an atmosphere that is conducive to encounter?. I believe that He will come. I don't know what He will do or how He will come. But I do know that He will come and I know that it will be good. So please keep us in prayer concerning this thing. I want to keep the definition loose and I want to keep an air of mystery to the whole thing because that is how it has been presented to me by God.

Please pray and feel free to share any Words you get concerning this or any ideas or ways that any of you may be able to help make this happen. There are a list of needs that God will surely meet as we approach the day. If you want to know these for prayer or provisions sake. Just let me know and we'll make it happen.

I am very tired. I am going to go to sleep and pray for dreams that lead me deeper into Him.

All For Jesus

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