Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time for Asher Pics!

Well, I feel it is time to do an Asher review in pictures of the last couple of days home. He has been a busy little man and doing so well! Aside from his feeding issues, and being so skinny, you would think he had been here his whole life.

After his first sponge bath at home. We were having a great ole time....that is until mommy accidentally pulled on his g-tube.....OUCH!! He wouldn't stop crying....it was late at night and Matt was away at a meeting...

So, I took him into our Garage House of Prayer (GHOP), turned on the live prayer room stream from IHOP and just let him swing in the presence of God. He stopped crying almost immediately and soon fell asleep.

Asher's first time in his big brother's old swing. Does that look mean he likes or dislikes!?

Sunday, after church (our first time leaving the house with his feeding supplies), we spent the afternoon with my parents. This is Asher with his Pop Pop Paul. Daddy was sleeping and I soon followed.....aren't grandparents GREAT!

Asher all color coordinated in "Momma Glenna's" room.

On Monday morning, we ventured out again to take the family in to see Dr. John at Bellomo Chiropractic on Edgewater Drive. Dr. John is one of a hand full of chiropractors certified to treat newborns in the state of Florida. He gently checked Asher's spine and found that he had a Left Atlas. In layman's terms.....his top vertebra was out of alignment and placing pressure on his brain stem which in turn was cutting down the life flow of energy and information from his brain. Not exactly desirable!

Asher fell asleep during the adjustment. Babies are so soft that they easily take manipulation to correct trauma...most of which can begin during the birth process. This little guy has been through so much that I really wanted to have him checked....anything to help his healing process.

Tuesday we go to the pediatrician. Boy will it feel good to go to a doctor that doesn't treat life threatening illnesses. Maybe we'll even talk about silly rashes and diet concerns....... WONDERFUL!! ;) I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

So tired......only got 3 hours sleep last night due to attending a phenominal prayer meeting at the Garden Gate Tea Room in Mt. Dora. Matt led worship and the spirit was definitely present in that place....even to a higher level than we had felt previously. I was taking care of Asher most of the time, but it was so refreshing to just be in the atmosphere created by Karen and Kris, the owners of the Tea Room and fellow believers in Christ. They are so giving of themselves and exude heavenly hospitality. When in their presence you more easily enter into the rest that God desires for you....that is their gift. It was Wonderful! We got there a tad bit early and they had prepared for us a DELICIOUS baby greens salad with sliced blackened chicken breast, craisens, walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese and fruit on top. It was heavenly. Each bite held a different taste sensation and texture. The dressing was a beautiful mix of vinegar, basil and something else divinely inspired that escapes me...but it was GOOD! If you ever have the time to visit Downtown Mt. Dora, please stop in the Garden Gate Tea Room on 4th street for a bite to eat. You will leave full, satisfied and refreshed by the very atmosphere in that place. Thank you ladies for your hospitality and your love!!

Well, have to start my day....get the boys up and ready for the ped and begin the process of decongesting my head and chest, which at the moment feel like they have jello solidified in my airways ;P Sorry...just ruined the moment after describing that wonderful salad.....that's my style I guess (as Matt would say!). Love you all!

Oh....Rebekah, that pickled garlic is DA BOMB! Literally! I ate like 4 cloves last night because it was so good and was sweating by the end of the night dealing with it's decongesting properties. Hallelujah for natural remedies, God!!


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Dixiemom7 said...

Thank you Erika for keeping us all in the loop with your family. Yes, grandparents are amazing. My folks & Nick's are taking the 4 oldest for a month this summer. I love the chiropractor shots and hope to be able to contact him for an appointment! Asher looks beautiful and fascinated. Such a sweetie!