Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Beginnings of a Work From God!

I'm not sure if Matt and I mentioned our wanting a nanny on here, but over the last 3 or so days that is all we kept saying around the house. This, of course, was a wish...a fantasy...and a dream because our finances don't have room for a mommy helper in the budget. That didn't stop us from dreaming however. Well, just yesterday afternoon, while I was reading Emily's daily OHOP news email, she listed a few needs of a college student who wanted to spend 2 months of her summer vacation helping out at OHOP. She needed to find a part time job of about 15-20 hours/week which would allow her to make some money and also still have time in the house of prayer. One of the things she offered was to babysit/nanny. As soon as I saw that, something went off on the inside of me that THIS was MY NANNY! I turned the idea over in my head for a while and suddenly realized that we may be getting a small amount of money to help take care of Asher, because of his physical challenges. We could take some of that money and pay this girl to help me take care of him and my household. I never thought I would need that kind of help, but I'm really overextended at the moment and could just use some consistent help to keep everything running smoothly. I called Matt, who was out running some errands, and told him my idea and he said, "wow, I feel this is confirmation". He then proceeded to tell me about the conversation he just got done having where he was telling a friend of ours that we needed a nanny and how the idea came to him about paying for one out of that same money alotment. So, now we are walking towards this nanny thing in a very real way....funny how it started off only as a dream and a wish (almost a joke really). So, please pray that when I give my phone interview on May 13th that everything will go well with no hold ups and we will get the funds to help us meet this goal. It will not only help out our family, but the girl because I understand the prayer movement and we can come up with a flexible schedule that we are both happy with. Sweet Relief is on the horizon!!

Onto other news...Matt and I took the boys in to the pediatrician today and had them checked out. To my joy, both of them are in tip top health, taking into consideration Asher's previous 2 months, even he was in good shape except for his weight. Poor baby is in the 5th percentile for weight, meaning that 95% of babies his age weigh more than he does right now. His height is in the 50th percentile though which is nice to see that he is still growing well despite his rocky start. I'm still looking for another solution to help his weight gain, other than the addition of dry formula to my breastmilk to boost the caloric intake. I hate having to place nasty, hormone and steroid ridden cow's milk formula into my pure breastmilk. It's like throwing a mud pie into a fresh drinking water just don't do that!! So, if anyone has any knowledge on this subject, I would love to hear back from you. I'm leaning towards just mixing in a little flaxseed oil to the breast milk to boost the good fats, but want to find more info on that first.

Now, I'm going to leave you with a picture from the Monday night prayer meeting at the Garden Gate.
This was taken, without me knowing, from across the room during worship. Matt is in the lower left hand corner, leading worship with his guitar, and I'm standing in the doorway with my little man in a green baby sling. Side note, Asher loved being in that sling so much that he slept for 3 hours straight....I think he was feeling like he had returned to the womb! ;)

Well, that's all for now. Gotta Get back to sleep, Asher's feed is almost finished and I'm still really tired!


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fixedonHim said...

God is so Good!! He knows the desires of our heart, doesn't He?!! Such a Faithful God we serve!!!

Since we are a one car family right now; I have not been able to offer you the help I would like to Erika. However, I was thinking... if you were able to come over here one day and take it easy or even get some sleep in our guest room. The girls & I would love to take care of Joel & Asher. We could even do this on a weekly basis. You all are welcome anytime! :)

Love you all~