Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Soldiers of Jesus Christ

I hope all of you are doing well. I was able to find some time before Erika and the boys woke up so I figured that I wold get on here and post some stuff that has been on my heart for a while.

I have been carrying a word for a while for someone out there that reads our blog. So I"m going to just let it out now that I've got my fingers at this here keyboard.

Fighting an Uphill Battle/The Battle for the High Ground.

I have heard many people refer to what we have been going through with Asher as fighting an uphill battle. I was speaking to God about this and He began to speak back. He reminded me that in every war or battle, the high ground is the most strategic and the most important to take as it gives you perspective and an advantage over the enemy. When that high ground is taken, you are able to see the enemy from further off and prepare yourself for their attack. In other words, in battle, there is no better vantage point than above your enemies.

There are many of you that feel like you have been fighting an uphill battle. It may be financially it may be with the health of a family member like in our case or it may be with a number of different things. The word I have for you is that it is hard for a reason! It isn't hard just to pick on you. God loves you and promises to work all things together for your good if you are one who Loves Him and indeed you are the called according to His purposes. He has chosen YOU to fight THIS battle. He would never put you into a battle unless He knew that you would come out victorious. He has put this battle in front of you so that you can gain the best vantage point possible over your adversary. Your adversary, the accuser, will not give up this ground easily and that is why God doesn't choose just anybody to fight these battles WITH HIM (key point, you are not alone in this). He chooses soldiers He knows are up to the task and that have what it takes to come out victorious.

He has allowed you to be in this situation because He knows what He put in you. He believes in you and promises to never give you more than you can handle. He doesn't give these types of assignments to just anyone. He allowed you to fight this uphill battle because He knows that you are ready. He has already won the victory for you. The real battle is for your focus. Where are you setting your eyes? Where are you setting your faith?

God is looking for those who would partner with His heart. He hasn't left you alone in this battle. He is fighting with you. Your victory is guaranteed because of His presence. He is with you to deliver you from your enemies. If left to do it in our own time and at our own discretion, most of us would never confront the giants in our lives that are blocking the way to our inheritance. So God helps us by giving us "fixed fights". Fights that the outcome has already been predetermined. All we have to do is walk into the victory. Just step into the ring and and our enemy will fall. We just have to get into the ring. The opponent is much bigger than us and God wants to show us what He has put in us. So He puts us in these fixed fights that scare the crap out of us (which is a good thing by the way) and forces us to face our enemies so that, when we get the victory, we will know that He is with us and in us.

At that point we will have the best vantage point over any enemy that we will face after that. We will then have the confidence and the faith to win greater battles for The Lord in the days ahead and we will have unwavering confidence in what He has done in us. We will truly believe that "we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us".

Forward Observers/Artillery Observers

God is calling out forward observers. I checked out the term artillery observer in wikipedia and this is the job description that I found:

"An artillery observer is a soldier responsible for directing artillery fire and close air support (ground attack by aircraft) onto enemy positions. Because artillery is an indirect-fire weapon system, the guns are rarely in line-of-sight of their target, often located tens of miles away. The observer serves as the eyes of the artillery battery, calling in target locations and adjustments to the Fire Direction Center (FDC) via radio or (less commonly) landline. The FDC then translates the observer's orders into firing solutions for the battery's cannons. Artillery observers are often deployed with combat arms maneuver units, typically infantry companies or armored squadrons."

Artillery observers are considered high-priority targets by enemy forces, as they control a great amount of firepower, are within visual range of the enemy, and are often located deep within enemy territory. The artillery observer must therefore be skilled not only in fire direction, but also in stealth and, if necessary, direct combat.

There are a number of things that stand out to me about this type of soldier. One is that their power is not in their own strength but in the one on the other end of the line that they are communicating with. The enemies aren't afraid of the soldiers themselves but what they can call in. They have the power to tell the Fire Direction Center where to unload the fire power that can obliterate the enemies offenses and defenses. An artillary observer's power is when they report what they see to the one with the big guns.

Another aspect of this type of soldier is that they are usually behind enemy lines, under fire from the enemy and are seen as an intense threat. They are top priority as targets because they have the power to call literal "fire from Heaven".

So you are fighting an uphill battle and feel that you under constant fire from the enemy. He is singling you out because He knows that you have the ability to call fire down from Heaven and destroy his strongholds if you make that call and send that rain.

God has placed you in this place where the giants are because he wants to show you what happens when you partner with Him in prayer. This is basic training for you. This is not yet the real warfare. This is training for reigning and ruling with God!!! He is teaching you how to use the weapons He has given you that until now you never even knew you had access to.

He has called and equipped you for this battle and He has the fire power to ensure your victory. When you are praying, it's okay to report that you are under heavy fire but realize that your job is to direct the fire, not complain about how hard it is. He knew that it would be hard and he knew that you don't have the strength to get the victory on your own. So call in some artillery!!!!! That is what He is training you to do because he wants to partner with you in further missions to destroy the works of darkness and the quicker you get the hang of this in training, the quicker you and God can go forth and take some real ground.

So remember, the battle is harder for you right now than for most people because of the high calling on your life. You are called as a liberator that must first learn to fight for your own freedom before you can be trusted to fight for others. The fact that God has entrusted you with this now, proves that you are ready for it because He promises to never give you more than you can handle. Your strength isn't in your own might or wisdom but in your ability to communicate with and partner with God. He's the one with the power and your power is in your connection with Him.

So, do what you have to do to make sure that you can worship God, pray and fast to make sure that you can see clearly so that you can call in that fire from Heaven on your enemies. God let you fight this battle so that you could see what is capable when you partner with God. It's all about focus and communication.

"You, therefore, must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier". 2nd Timothy 2:3-4

I hope this blessed someone. It certainly blessed me....and me (Erika - Editor in Chief)

All For Jesus.......

M@ Bond


jenni said...

thanks for posting this!
much of what you wrote describes my location exactly

it also describes much of what i've been doing lately.... "telling them where to point the big guns"

haha! Abba is awesome
grace, glory & fire

jennifer gracey
the altar IHOP, tokyo

fixedonHim said...

Awesome, awesome stuff! Roy & I were so grateful for this encouraging word on Sunday when we saw you & Erika. A couple things have already come into play this week from what you spoke...especially the "take the route that requires the greatest Faith".

It has been such a great week, we are treading on new & unfamiliar ground & are in AWE of what God is doing. Truly, Nothing is Impossible with Him!!! I love that in the natural our circumstances look like a total mess, yet we have that peace that passes all understanding right smack in the middle of it all!! I am so excited for what lies ahead...whatever it is...we have so much hunger to embrace it. There has never been a moment or week in time that we have been richer than at this very second. God is so Good!!!!!!!

I am getting very sleepy, hope this is making sense? Hope we see you guys on Sunday so we can share some of this with ya'll :)

Blessings & Love,
Roy & Denise