Friday, May 1, 2009

A Photo Update

So, last night, I completely slept right through my alarm again and didn't get a chance to update this here blog. oops......but oh, was the sleep heavenly....that is until little man woke me up with his cries looking for breakfast around 8:30! I guess my body needed the extra sleep again and took it! I'm still pretty tired today and keep falling asleep in between typed thoughts....very, I'm going to post some more pics and let them do the talking for now.

Asher is still doing so well at home. I am so greatfull to actually have the chance of mothering this awesome kid. Below are some pictures that were taken only brief moments from each other. Taken as a whole, they give you an idea of just how alert Asher can be...

I absolutely LOVE this picture. He is so serious in the previous picture and then he's doing this. Such dry humor ;)

The next big news item for our family is that we finally converted Joel's crib into a "Big Boy Bed" by taking the front panel off. I felt it was time, but had been dreading it a little bit, half expecting Joel to be running and playing around his room instead of sleeping. Honestly, he does a little, but overall he has been very good about staying in his bed and sleeping.

Daddy Matt showing Joel how to unscrew things....this could backfire on us later ;)

Joel playing "Mr. Fixit", just like on his Franklin video.

Oops, those were suppose to stay on!!

Big boy Joel enjoying easy access into his bed!

Alright...I really wish I could do more on here tonight, but again....I've about fallen asleep 5 times just posting these pics, so it's time for me to go check Asher's feeds, clean up and head off to bed.


Dixiemom7 said...

Love the pics. Asher has such a big personality for a little person! Thanks for sharing them!

melissa said...

thank you sosososo much for this word..if you don't mind I'm going to print this out and carry it with me. You are blessed family thank you!