Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Preparedness Info....another take

So, every time I open up my firefox browser, it brings up my yahoo homepage. Sad to say that is where most of my awareness of current events / news is coming from (I know there are many, MANY better sites, I just haven't set them as Home yet). So, one recurring news thread is going on and on about the Swine Flu in Mexico and how this could turn into a pandemic threat. Not doubting that, we need to take precautions to keep ourselves and our families healthy, but I did want to put out another info site that gives a more rounded, natural approach to preparedness aside from what the WHO and our government are feeding us. I have been reading up on natural health related topics for a number of years and I really like the Natural News site. The "Health Ranger" stays up to date on pressing topics in the news and gives you a more balanced view. I also came across an article on his site titled "Do NOT Take "Swine Flu" Vaccines - Warning from Doctor". This has been a point of interest for me every since I had my first son, but is of even more importance since Asher was born with an expected immunodeficiency. I'm doing my best to keep educated on natural health options for him and not just accept the usual drugs prescribed in our medical community. I have never trusted vaccines and feel they are heavily toxic and can be a negative force on a healthy immune system. So, now I'm on the search for what makes a "healthy immune system" so that we can stay healthy. I came across a great informative video on google that talks about this topic. It is called "How To Supercharge Your Immune System" and I highly recommend everyone watch it and start making small changes. In the light of super-flu's or even the common cold, we need to begin making lifestyle changes to protect ourselves. The Israelites were spared the diseases of their enemies only because they adopted the lifestyle changes dictated by God regarding good hygiene and dietary restrictions.

I just wanted to put that out there to get people thinking and to hopefully inspire change. Hope it helps.


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