Monday, April 27, 2009

Comfort and A Time For Thank You's

It's 6:15 in the morning and I actually enjoyed a rather substantial sleep cycle last night. I think my body just decided it NEEDED some sleep and sleep it did, right through 2 scheduled pumping sessions and a 3am feeding for Asher. I awoke to the cries of my son and a milk drench t-shirt...but feel pretty good :) Asher is fine, I got his feeds going right away, thanks to the preparedness of my husband having everything right at my fingertips, primed and ready!

As I sat down to pump, I pulled out the laptop and started catching up on email and blogs that I hadn't gotten to in a few days. Matt has been taking over on here, just because I was too out of it to put words to my delirious thoughts. But, this morning I wanted to post a little something out of the gratefulness of my heart. I want to give recognition and thanks to the many "Moms" in our life who regularly check in and make sure we are still breathing. The "Moms" who continue to uplift and encourage us by email, blog / facebook comments and phone calls, even when we are too busy to reply back much of anything. They don't do it for the reply's, they do it for the love of one person to another in their moment of need and my heart is overwhelmed by the sincere kindness and consideration we feel from you all during this trying time with Asher. I am so greatful to have friends like you!

I think God is showing us what it feels like to be comforted...and the only place to feel that comfort is in the midst of turmoil and pain. He is the great Comforter and it is really HIM that we are feeling every time you reach out and share the love in your heart.....each time you ALLOW HIM to spill up, over and out of you. He is allowing YOU to partner with HIM in his comfort ministry! Thank you for allowing Him to flow through you onto the hurt and troubled souls you encounter...I know we aren't an isolated case because His love is too great for that to be true.

So, many tearful thank you's go out to: our natural mothers Glenna and Sue, our spiritual mothers Lorraine and Sharon, and our "moms" of encouragement, Rebekah, Jackeline, Denise and Jane....all of which have taken the time to give of themselves and reach out a helping hand or encouraging word on a continual basis. THANK YOU!


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