Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some better perspective and stuff like that.

Okay so it is 1:28 am and I have to still clean up after Asher and get to bed so that I can wake up at 6 am to feed him again. I wanted to put up another post so that you all know that we are still here and we are starting to get some footing. Not there just yet but we are on our way.

God spoke to me today about a way to get myself and Asher as well as Erika and Joel in the HOP. I don't have the time to explain but I want you all to be in prayer about that as well. I am also going to be working on our funding. I was working on getting more consistent support coming in before Asher's hospitalization and we need to get that back up and going steady. I will be sending out more info on funding our family and some more clarification on what it is we do and why. I want all of you to be praying and seriously asking God what role He may have you play as far as financially supporting our ministry and helping us set our children before The Lord as "Samuels". Like I said there will be more on this later but I am really short on time right now.

God has been showing me that just because Asher has had issues doesn't nullify the calling on our family but it actually further confirms it. We are called to set a generation before God so that He has a bride that has been prepared for His return.

Tonight I found myself onstage with Matt Gilman and Corey Russell from the International House of Prayer (IHOP). It was a pleasant surprise. OHOP held it's annual Sound The Alarm conference. I played bass on the worship team today with Matt and his team. It was a good time. I really got ministered to and was blessed to be able to play with these guys. Praise God for this opportunity.

The Moms came over and helped with Joel and Asher while I was out so that Erika didn't go crazy with both the kids. Praise God for Moms!!!!!

I really want to share more but I simply can't take that time right now.

I love you all. Please keep in touch. If you are able to come over and watch and hold Asher while I go out and minister or watch Joel while Erika goes out and gets some fresh air or naps or something, we could definitely use some baby sitters. You just gotta make sure you are not sick or have been around sick people too much so Asher doesn't get sick. Email me if your interested at



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Dixiemom7 said...

Love this post, we are in the same boat with the call on our family. Now that we are getting settled in, Erika can bring Joel over to play while she goes to the store or a walk or something. Maybe even a bath! ;) Just give us a shout!