Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cath-lab tomorrow/ Pray for Erika to get better

So Asher is going into the cath-lab tomorrow for some diagnostic stuff. He will be in need of your prayers. Pray that the surgery goes well and that the Dr.s come back with a good report. Other than that everything is as it has been the last few days with no really big monumental events or anything. I went over to see him today and we got to hang out in a sweet recliner that Asher's nurse brought in. It was quite comfy and great. I like spending time with him. I was telling him today that he wouldn't always have all those tubes sticking out of him. That one day he is going to come home with us to stay.

Today, Asher's nurse told me that her husband has the same disorder as Asher. She told me that her husband was on the wrestling team in high school and participated in sports and is still alive and well today leading a totally productive normal life with a wife and a little baby. It was just encouraging to hear that the other side of this thing may not be as bad as I'm making it out to be. I told her about us wanting to do international missions and how I thought that possibility looks like it may be out of the picture now with Asher. She then told me that he could may even be able to do missions even to Africa when he gets a bit older and stronger. That was a blessing to hear.

Erika was at home sick all day today. I watched Joel a lot of the day while Erika just stayed home and got some much needed rest. She is still in need of prayer for healing and what not but she is doing better than yesterday.

Yesterday, some jehovah's witnesses stopped by and squaked at me for like 2 hours about how Jesus isn't God. Though I knew the truth, I had little to say to the man (mainly do to the fact that he wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to say anything but still.). I let it provoke me into getting into the Word more. I reallized that I can easily critisize this man (and his wife), but it would be far wiser to let his zeal and knowledge of his false religion provoke me into the depths of the knowledge of the one true God. That being to case, I made time today to emmerse myself in The Word. It was a great time. I almost finished the book of Hebrew before Joel woke up this morning. It was awesome. God convinced me again that Jesus Christ is indeed God and man. He is God in the flesh. He is indeed the Son of God and He indeed died for me so that I could have new life and remission of sins and all the other great Jesus knowledge stuff. It's like I got saved again, again....

So God is good and we will keep you all updated on Asher's condition and whats up with our family as new news come up.

Pray that Asher's cath-lab thing goes great tomorrow and that the Doctors come back with a good report.

Pray that Erika would be healed of this sickness and back to being herself agian.

Pray life back into his vocal chords.

Okay I'm nodding off. Night Night. I'm going to sleep.


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