Friday, April 10, 2009

Asher is in Surgery and Asher is Out of Surgery

Asher is in surgery in the cath-lab right now.

They are going to see about the pressure in his aorta. they are looking to see how bad it is in there. They are going to see if another surgery is dire and needs to be done as soon as Monday or as long as a month or maybe even not at all (please God!!!!!!!!!!!!). Please keep us in prayer. We still need it now more than ever.

We will keep you updated.

Hey Dr. Dave just walked in. Here's an update already.

They are all done.

The left side of the heart is squeezing really well and not straining at all....a concern they initially had.

The ascending aortic arch is narrow but not too bad. They may have to operate in a few months but the possibility is still there that it may grow and heal on his own, but the doctor doubts it. (Sounds like room for a miracle!!) He is going to wait because he feels that there is a big advantage to waiting as far as letting Asher's body heal from the first surgery. Thank God, the issue isn't as pressing as it initially presented or could have been. His body very well could heal itself!!!

So the doctor says that this is all good news.

Pray that over the next few months Asher's aorta heals and that the obstruction in his heart heals so that no invasive surgery is needed.

Pray that he remembers how to eat so that we can take him home soon.

Pray that he would pass his swallow study and that he wouldn't need the "g-tube" put in.

Pray that he be able to digest fats in the breast milk.

Thank you all. Your awesome!!!

Blessings in Jesus' Name!!!

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Dixie said...

Praise God - and thank you Father for your complete healing of Asher. You are a good Daddy, a faithful lover. Your sweet Spirit has complete power in Asher's life. Stay strong Bond family, you're doing great!