Friday, April 10, 2009

Surgery Day In Pics

Hello All,
Just thought I would share some pics from today. We had a wonderful time with Asher before they took him in for his Cath procedure. We initially thought he was going in around 9am but they didn't come get him until 2:45pm. Matt's mom, Sue, came to wait with us and since I was sick (and didn't want to pass my germs to Asher) she got to hold him for hours!!! Much to her joy! Check out the pics:

"Momma Sue" found the SWEET SPOT when she began rubbing Asher's back, neck and shoulders. The kid was enjoying it so much his eyes were rolling back in his head ;)

Little dude kicked out his foot IV this morning and had to be stuck in 2 different places before they decided to give him another head IV. I call it his "warrior head dress"

Yes....that is Matt!! He is shorn clean and starting a Nazarite Vow (found in the book of Numbers, chapter 6 if your are curious) for Passover. Take a good look now because this is a side of Matt which is RARELY ever seen!

This is the SWEET recliner chair that the hospital provided so we could cuddle our baby. Arnold Palmer ROCKS!

My oh so HOT face mask, which I dutifully wore for 6 hours to be near my little boy. I hadn't seen him for 2 days, due to my being bedridden, and today I just had to see him before surgery.

Asher just after waking from surgery. He was alert and looked really well....although he was a little high on morphine.

The little man after falling asleep. I love him so!!

Hope you enjoyed the visual narrative. Have a blessed evening!

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