Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Asher Update and Time with Joel

"Momma Sue's" first time holding Asher in the Hospital.
(Matt's Mom)
News on Asher

I had a great time with Asher though it was quite short for me because grandma (my mom) came to visit today and Erika and my Mom spent most of the day holding him. The time I got with him was amazing. I can so tell that he likes me!!!! It's so encouraging.
They moved the swallow study back to a yet to be determined date, which is good because that means he has more time to heal and more odds of not getting a g-tube. Pray for life to return to his left vocal chord (temporarily paralyzed from surgery) and strength to return to his throat muscles so that no food is aspirated and he function perfectly! He is definitely scheduled for a Friday visit to the Cath-Lab. For those of you who don't know what that means...they are going to run some tubes and whatnot up Asher's main groin artery, until they get to the "kinked" area by his heart so they can read the pressure differences on both sides. This will determine just how critical it is and whether or not they can wait until he heals up more before going back in to fix it. Pray they find no problem at all....just a New Heart working perfectly! They did the chest x-ray and found that he does indeed have acid reflux (which we already knew due to the fact that he has been throwing up stomach acid and biley nasties.) and that's it as far as medical stuff goes.

The Things You do to Amuse Your Kids

Today while I was watching Joel so Erika could pump, he decided that he wanted to vacuum. He tries to pull the vacuum out of the closet from time to time and is usually met with a "no" because we are usually busy. But this time, I decided to say "yes" as his room and the living room could use a bit of vacuuming and these pics will tell the rest of the story.

Joel is working hard at getting the place nice and vacuumed up.

Joel also learned today how to style his hair with the vacuum cleaner. (btw...all of you "orb" hunters...check out that bright one in the middle of my chest!! Angel's hanging out, playing with the vacuum cleaner!)

He also decided that my beard needed some cleaning and took to the job right away.

Well, I am tired and the morning comes early with all the demands and what not that life brings right now so I must be off to sleep. I hope you all have (or had depending on when you are reading this) a great day (or nights sleep.)


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