Monday, April 6, 2009

Asher Update, Car Update, Wonderful Councel and Time with my Beautiful Maker

Asher Update

We went to see Asher today and it was encouraging. He was so awake and full of life. I got to hold him and be with him for about an hour. We fell asleep together in the chair for a little while and I declared the Word of The Lord over Him speaking healing and wholeness over his body. God really Loves this boy and I am falling more and more in Love with Him as every day passes. He smiled at me a few times and won my heart all over again the way only a baby can do. Praise God for this beautiful blessing He has sent to us. He is so good to us. His mercies are so excellent and His favor is so sweet. Thank you God for Asher. You have truly blessed us with this son.

On the medical side of things, Asher's swallow study is going to be either on Wednesday or Thursday. Pray that He doesn't aspirate the whatever it is they're going to give him during the swallow study so that he can take food orally and not through a

He is also scheduled to go into the cath-lab for diagnostics on either Thursday or Friday. this will tell the docs how bad the "kink" in his aorta is and how soon they need to operate if at all. Pray that further open heart surgeries are not necessary and that Asher's body would heal itself and correct the "kink" by itself.

There has been talk of reintroducing breast milk soon as well. This would be great as it would give him many needed nutrients and immunities. And since he may be looking at an immunodeficiency issue, he needs to have the best head start he can get via breast milk. Pray that he would be able to process the fats in the milk and not have them accumulate in his chest cavity.

Me hanging out with little man. I really am starting to fall more in love with this guy.

Erika spending time with Asher today. His little arms were up like that the whole time he slept in her arms today.

The man himself. Pray this little guy gets all better soon so we can bring him home.

Car Update
(I have no idea why the font is so big all of a sudden.)

Okay so our car made it to the shop today. Our insurance company covered our car to be towed to our family mechanics place and he was able to confirm that it is indeed a problem with the alternator. It's going to cost a two hundred something bucks to fix but it will get us back on the road. Praise God!! In the mean time we rented a car to keep us on the road during the days that the car gets repaired. Today Erika picked up a Pontiac G6. It has been a while since I've driven a car that hasn't been 20 years old.. This thing has some horse power that I'm not used to and I LOVE driving it! I've got to be careful because it drives so smooth and it's so easy to speed in it. It's like it just WANTS to be driven fast!

We are still believing for a new vehicle for the family as though the alternator will be fixed, it still isnt dependable and overheats during the summer months. Erika and the kids need a vehicle to get to doctor appointments with and just around in when I'm busy with work/ministry stuff. It's cool for now, but a kid transporter type vehicle would greatly assist us! We have been praying for it for a while now. It will come when it's time to come. If any of yall have a mini van or a small, fuel efficient SUV/wagon type you want to give away, we can get you a tax write off. Just let us know by e-mailing us at Your prayers will do a lot as well so anyway, just wanted to make the need known to all of you.

Wonderful Counsel

Today, Erika and I met with a handful of our spiritual mothers and fathers. It was a blessed meeting. We meet from time to time and they keep us accountable and on the right track. They are truly mothers and fathers of this movement and they have made themselves available to us for councel and support. Praise God for them!!! We talked concerning the worship event in Mount Dora which we are planning on taking a part in leading. We also ate some crazy awesome pizza at Ginos on Orange ave. We talked about how it was important to be without offense when going into any kind of ministry. That true worship is Loving your neighbor as yourself and loving those whom God has placed you with. That if God places you in the midst of a group of people, he fully intends on pouring out His love on them through you (or me in this case)

We spoke of going low and serving and how that is the true expression of apostolic Christianity. Not podiums and platforms but going low and serving in the unseen. That going low and serving is the highest form of ministry. The river always flows to the low places. If you want the Holy Spirit and the anointing and His presence, it is the strongest in the low places.
They councled me to go low and to make sure that I'm right with my brothers and sisters in The Lord in ministry before I go and start setting up for this worship event. We want everything about this event to be a pleasing fragrance to God. No division can be tolerated. No offense can be tolerated. Revival starts in the hearts of individuals in the body.

Time With My Beautiful Maker

I had a wonderful time in the GHOP tonight. The Spirit of intercession fell on me and I began to cry out to God. It hasn't happened like that in a while. Holy Spirit had me pray for those in the sex trade in Calcutta, India, Revival in India, the Salvation of a man named Shannon Boles (He was my best friend in high school and now he is hopeless in prison. He just lost his brother and was not able to even attend his funeral. He needs God please pray for Shannon Boles' soul to come into the Kingdom of God and that God would raise him up as a Nazirite Prophet.), and for my family. Asher included of course. It was a sweet time of prayer with my Beloved. It is addicting and I don't want to stop. I'm so happy for the prayer room in our home. Thank you God!!!!!

Ba bye now. God Loves you ;) and so do we!!!

You are all a great blessing to The Body of Christ and to The World. Keep up the comments and e-mails. We love hearing from you all. It is a great encouragement to us when we hear from you all. You all go forth and be the Beloved of God. It's your calling. Be His favorite. He really likes it when you just sit there and receive His Love for you. SO, go for it and let Him Love you! You'll start a revival or something. Just let Him Love you and wash you clean. He will do all the hard stuff. He just needs you to sit down for a minute and stop scampering around like Martha making sandwiches that Jesus never ordered and sit at His feet like Mary. ( Luke 10:38-42) It is the one thing that is needed. DO IT!! It'll be great. I'm tired. I'm going to bed to dream about Angels healing Asher or something.

We Love You All!!!!



fixedonHim said...

What a great update...God is Good ALL the time!! Such sweet pictures of you all with Asher :) Thank you for sharing the counsel you all received yesterday...that is truly encouraging!

We continue to stand with you and expect a great report from the tests this week. Father God we glorify you for your faithful & steady hand upon this family...we Praise you Jesus!!

We love you guys,
Roy & Denise

Trafficmom said...

Asher's little right hand is not bound down anymore! It's so good to see the bindings being removed (even if it is so slowly).