Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We're back in the CICU!!

Asher is back in the Cardiac ICU. WOOHOO! They had to leave his chest open due to swelling and he has plenty of tubes sticking out of him for drainage, but he made it through. I'm excited to see him again....but a little hesitant at the same time. No one wants to see their baby look like that.....but at least he made it...he's ALIVE and breathing! THANK YOU AGAIN JESUS!!!

We will be able to see him in another hour or so and will post again once we get a glimpse of the little guy.

Again...thank you to everyone who set their faces to the wall and denied their bellies food....all to see the destiny of our little guy become a reality! Keep at it! Our next battle is against post-surgical swelling, bleeding, infection, etc. But before we go there...lets just take a huge sigh of relief and sing the praises of our God!!! He is worthy of all Praise and Honor!!! Sing these praises to your friends and neighbors....tell them that God is worthy!! He hears the prayers of his children and answers! Miracles do happen today!


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CATHIE said...

Awesome good news about Asher! I read every update and would not miss a moment of the good news! and so very thankful for Gods faithfulness. This Little guy is going to be one special boy!