Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Surgery Update #3

We just heard that the actual heart surgery is finished. They are in the process of warming his little body back up (they had to cool him down to about 80 degrees to slow down his body processes) and when they did, his little heart started again on its own and is in perfect rhythm......THANK YOU JESUS!

They were able to connect his two vessels end to end...without any other patch tubing....THANK YOU JESUS!!! Lessens the chance of subsequent surgeries later on.

VSD's – ventricular septal defects (2 holes) were patched using Asher's own tissue taken from the paracardium (the sack around Asher's heart).

There is still not much bleeding at this time. They say it could increase after he is removed from the bi-pass machine and they are taking precautions by placing drainage tubes in his chest for a while after the surgery.

Pray that the suture site within the vessels does not create scar tissue that limits the flow of blood. Pray that Asher's heart grows and remains strong for the rest of his life. Pray that his bleeding and swelling post-surgery will remain under control. Pray that his heart rhythm remains steady, strong and normal. Pray that he would undergo a smooth transition from surgery to recovery.

THANK YOU GOD!!! That's all I can say. And thank you friends and family for all of your prayers. They are working...keep it up, we still have more ground to take in this battle!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby boy.. You are in my prayers..

-Stacey in Lakeland