Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Surgery Update #2

The surgeon is finished connecting the Aortic Arch vessels. The woman who updated us didn't know exactly what type of connection he used. I'm standing in faith that they were able to join the existing vessels without a bridge connector so that the repair can grow naturally, as he grows.

The surgeon is now working to repair the holes in Asher's heart. Usually the surgery goes smoothly, it is AFTER the surgery that they sometimes see extra bleeding, heart rhythm problems or the surgeon may not be happy with the repair. He can't always tell until the heart comes off of the bi-pass machine whether there is an obstruction or not.

Pray that all of the repairs are done perfectly the first time through. That Asher would not have to be put back on the bi-pass machine. Pray for continued strength of body and controlled bleeding. Pray that his lungs continue to be strengthened through and after this surgery. Pray that Asher's heart keeps a perfect rhythm and doesn't need the assistance of a pace maker.

Keep the prayers coming. From what I have heard, he is doing well so far. Thank you Jesus!!!


cathleenkwas said...

May GOD's breath fill Asher's lungs.... What a powerful source that is. Breathe for Asher, Father, breathe Your healing power into those lungs which will fill his entire body with Your presence. Touch every cell, every organ with the purity of Your light and banish the darkness of sickness and disease. We proclaim Asher to have everything he needs during this surgery. And most of all, the precious blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. The most powerful substance in the planet. The blood of Jesus. Strengthen Your angels as they surround the operating room and do battle against the lying spirits of sickness.

We call all this to do be in the name of Your Precious Son who was sent to die for Erika and Matt's precious son.

cathleenkwas said...

Oh... just wanted you to know, I am a friend of Diana Scimone's and have been praying for Asher. My niece also had a hole in her heart and had open heart surgery -- 18 years ago when she was 6 months old. She's now a sophomore at North Carolina, and was a state finalist in golf. You would NEVER know she was ever sick. And imagine the improvements in medications and recovery since then. Not to mention, the healing touch of Jesus. [You don't have to post this, but I did want you to know who I was.]