Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Surgery Update #1

We were just informed that Asher is now hooked up to the Heart / Lung Bi-pass machine. So far everything is going well and no problems with his breathing. Praise God!!

The surgeon is going to try to connect the two vessels to restore blood to his lower half. The challenge is that they are 4 cm apart (quite far apart for such a little guy). They have an artificial tube all cut and ready if they find that they can't stretch the existing vessels to meet....they will have to create a patch to bridge the gap. This poses risks of future surgeries as Asher grows.

Pray that the vessels will easily meet each other and no artificial bridge work will be needed.

I will update again in another hour or so. Keep the prayer's far we are good!!!



Anonymous said...

We are praying for him and for you and Matt. I believe everything will go perfectly! Love and lots of hugs to you guys.


Elizabeth Kosorski said...

We're praying here in KC! Keep the updates coming!