Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Asher's Prophetic Destiny

God is so kind! He has been preparing our hearts and minds to go through this ordeal even before Asher was born. Although his condition was unknown to us, God was moving on our hearts concerning his name and destiny.

One night in the wee hours of the morning, as I was nursing Joel, the thought came to me that I may be pregnant again. Immediately the name Amos was resonating within my spirit and without much thought, the phrase "Be it unto me, according to your word" came to mind. It was as if God was asking me if I would accept this child and my heart answered "yes" without even consulting my mind. I was actually a bit startled since I don't usually talk to myself or God using NKJ language! But, it was done. I later found out that the name Amos means "Burden Bearer". Not a name that most parents would choose for their children, but Matt was actually excited since he understood that an intercessor is one who stands in the gap between God and Man and carries the burden in prayer. Since we live the life of intercessory just seemed right to have a son named Amos. I later came across the name Asher, while doing my studies in natural childbirth, and it leaped off the page and took hold of me. That was to be my son's name! Asher means "Happy" and "Blessed" and I knew that he was meant to be one who carries men's burdens with joy. A happy intecessor!!!

Matt also had an experience with God back in December while he was attending the Onething conference in Kansas City, MI. While sitting in the prayer room God spoke to him and asked him if he was willing to become a "man of sorrows....with joy"? Matt immediately gave a tearful "Yes" and was very moved. He has been studying the great intercessors and felt honored that God would invite him to the same lifestyle as men like Reese Howels and John Hyde. It was only after all of this started with Asher's health that we were looking back and I realized that our son's name meant the same thing as what God invited Matt to become. A "man of sorrows with joy" is a "blessed burden bearer". We don't believe in coincidences and know that God is working something into this family through this trial.

Two Monday's ago, Matt held a prayer meeting in the first floor chapel at Arnold Palmer. It was a small gathering, but one that consisted of those closest to us....those who have the titles of Spiritual Mothers and friends. I ended up leading the prayer focus that night, as my heart was emptying itself over my son. Towards the end, Matt felt that the Lord was calling me a "Hannah". I immediately broke into tears again because that was confirmation of a word that was spoken over me years ago. I had been in a prayer line and the only thing spoken over me was that i was to be a Hannah. I was an un-married college stuent and more than a little confused by the word, so I put it on the shelf (so to speak) and waited for it to either be confirmed or forgotten. Well, my husband confirmed it, as did other people in the room that night saying they felt Asher was to be a Samuel, set before the Lord at a young age. We had dedicated him to God only moments after birth and already saw him as God's child placed in our charge. The following Monday, we met again in the little chapel and more words came forth about Asher's destiny. That he would be a little warrior.....a Zadok priest who ministers to the Lord in the inner courts.

All of these glimpses into his destiny work to form an expectation for his life. They give HOPE that he will make it through this. Continue to stand in faith with us for this little warriors life. That he will accomplish the God appointed task he was sent to do. There was another word regarding him being an intercessor...even right now in the midst of his sickness and surgery. That he is standing in the gap for someone or something greater than just his present circumstances. That the battle over his life is really a battle over an entire generation and a movement.

I just wanted to share these insights with all of inspire hope and encouragement while you battle in prayer for this little warrior's life. Thank you to all that are praying for my child....his destiny WILL come to pass!!



Dixiemom7 said...

Believing in faith for Asher's healing. He is already having an affect on our generation & our children's. Thank you both for sharing your journey, your faith, and your precious son. Love you all.

sarah said...

We are praying for Asher!! A friend of mine on facebook linked your blog and I followed it. In some ways we know what you all are going through.
Last year, on March the 6th, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Liam River. The cord had knotted in the womb and when he was born it wrapped twice around his neck and his lungs failed and his little heart stopped beating.... To make a long story short, he had a grade 3 brain bleed, was at HIGH risk for CP, and we spent 33 days in NICU. We had two other children who stayed with my parents almost 2 hours away while we stayed with Liam.
Even after we left NICU things looked shaky, we were told our boy wouldn't walk, wouldn't talk, self feed, and if he did learn to sit up, crawl, and smile he would do it later than every other baby. Our faith was shaken, but we leaned on God and trusted His will for our lives. And prayed!!!!
I am happy to say a whole year has come and Liam River IS talking, self feeding, sitting, crawling, pulling up, not only smiling but laughing, AND learning to walk!! To God be the glory!!!!
What ever today's outcome may be. God is STILL God, His hand is on little Asher's life, and no matter what His glory will shine through!!! Keep the faith, stand strong, God will lead you all through this.
In His Grip,
Mother to Jesse -4, Kathryn -3, Liam River -1, and baby coming in 24 days