Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Surgery is ON for WEDNESDAY!

Well, the surgery is definitely on for Wednesday (tomorrow). I heard once today that it had been canceled but now it is back on. I've been eager to get to this day...wanting to get through the surgery and put it behind us, but now that it is here, I'm feeling a little nervous as well. All of the possible scenarios that I have heard over the past 2 weeks are playing over in my head and it is getting a little hard to stand in faith on the promises we have over him. So please pray for Hope and Faith to arise in our hearts and minds....that we would be sustained in Joy and Peace through this surgery and the recovery period.

I did receive some good news today. The doctors performed an MRI on Asher's brain and upper chest yesterday and although we are still waiting to hear about what they found out regarding his heart...they said that his brain is fine. That means no bleeding and in perfect working order with everything firering as it should....THANK YOU JESUS!!

So, lets define some more prayer targets. Matt isn't feeling up to par, so he is resting back in the room which leaves this task up to me. ;) I know he has spoken previously about organizing 24 hour prayer watches with small groups gathering to each take at least an hour of prayer for our little boy. The goal here is to achieve continuous prayer and fasting and blast the Heavens for Asher's healing.

Pray for the surgical staff, that they be graced with supernatural skill and keen senses needed to make split second decisions. Pray that Angels accompany them to steady their hands and be the extra help they need. Pray that all of the blood used be completely free of anything harmful to my son. That his body remains strong before, during AND after the surgery without any degeneration of his brain, or other organs. Pray that his heart is easily and quickly mended and that it will work 100% on it's own without the need for a pacemaker. Pray that bleeding will be controlled during and after the surgery. Pray that no nerve damage will occur that leads to feeding issues, vocal chord issues, etc.

Post Surgery, continue to pray for no excessive bleeding, edema/swelling, infections or any damage to his eliminative organs. Pray restoration and healing to his already delicate gut. Pray that his lungs will stay clear and strong and that Asher could come off the ventilator in good time. Pray that he doesn't develop an intolerance to the fat in breastmilk...as he needs all of the immunities he can get.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. He is scheduled to wheel into surgery at 7:30 am and they should be starting to work on his heart by 9:00'ish. It is anticipated to be a long surgery since the two vessels they are working to connect are quite far apart and then they have to repair the septal hole inside his heart. It is an intense surgery and Asher can use all the prayers that you faithful saints can offer up.

We will be updating the blog as news comes to us, as well as sending out email updates on urgent pray matters. Thank you all for your faithfullness and loving support of my entire family, from Asher out to the grandparents.


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Tanya Henry said...

Dear Asher, I wish for you a successful surgery. Heavenly Father, guide all the medical staff, bless them with the skill and knowledge required to heal his heart, in the name of Jesus. All, the Angels and Saints in Heaven, watch over Asher and pray for his complete recovery. Mary, our Mother, please intercede, ask Jesus to hear our prayers.

All the very best to Asher, his mum, dad, grandparents and all extended family. May God's grace remain with you all always.

Take care.

Tanya Henry
Durban, South Africa