Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He Looks GREAT!!

I am overjoyed!!!....and quite a bit tired after having gone through this roller coaster ride today. But, before I take a much needed break and eat some real food, I wanted to post one more time and let you know how Asher did.

I just spoke with the nurse who is looking after him post-op and she told me that he is "Surprising Everyone"...which just made me laugh at how good our God is. I asked about his kidneys and how they were functioning (because the doctors said they would get worse after the surgery) and she said the average baby pees about 3 cc's an hour after surgery...Asher peed out 18 cc's last hour and 10 cc's this it's pretty safe to say they are working beautifully!! And the last bit of news that just blows my mind is about his Aortic blood vessels. The doctors were concerned that this surgery would be extra long due to the abnormally large distance between the disconnected vessels, not to mention the irregular shape of his Aorta. Well, as they maneuvered the vessels around, the two came together almost perfectly end to end!!!! HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!?

We can only see him sporadically and for short visits over the next 48 hours to let him heal so updates may be minimal, but we will keep you updated as soon as we have news.

Pray that the swelling and bleeding are kept under control and that they can close up his chest as quickly as possible to reduce the threat of infection.

Thank you again my fellow prayer warriors! Asher has come a huge step forward today but still needs your prayers for his road to recovery!!



Diana Scimone said...

This is awesome! Praise God for such a great report! We're proud of you, Matt and Erika, how you've stood so faithful in this fight, and we're all honored to support you in it with our prayers and intercession.

We love you and look forward to seeing you and Asher on a Monday night very soon!

Dixiemom7 said...

Praise Jesus! That is so awesome! I can't stop smiling and praising His name! Still praying for Asher's recovery to be smooth and his return home soon!

Sarah said...

Oh Erika, I've been out of the loop & just today noticed your status update on MySpace about Asher's surgery. I wasn't even aware that you had had him yet. I'm so sorry that he's having to go through all this, but I'm so glad to hear that all is hopeful and that he appears to be weathering it well. I'll pray for his healing and for your strength to do what needs done. Thinking of you, and congrats on your beautiful son.

CATHIE said...

Erika and Matt, Awesome news about Asher, I read every update and to God be the Glory. Now you and Matt get some well deserved rest.