Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ashers Kidneys are Clearing Up

A Brief Update

Erika just got back from seeing Asher and she told me that the nurse informed her that his kidneys are getting stronger and the urine is clearing up. They have been giving him a diaretic drug every 7 hours to help him flush the excess fluids his little body is retaining, but they had to space the shots apart to not put too much strain on his already week kidneys. Now they are able to give him the drug in a continuous drip which indicates how much stronger his kidney's are functioning. They aren't back to normal yet, but are definitely much improved! The nurses are sounding positive.

The doctors have been talking about Asher and trying to figure out when to bring him in for open heart surgery. They are tentatively thinking about Wednesday but will most likely do it on Friday or even next week. Whichever day this ends up being, I invite all of you to join me in fasting for him on this day. The surgery will start @ 7:30am and may go on until midnight or later. This is hard on Asher because they are going to be putting him on a bypass machine to be able to control his blood flow. His organs will be slightly deprived of oxygen again for the duration of the surgery so he will be taking another hit similar to the one that landed him in the hospital in the first place.

A Call to The Wall
This time will be crucial and I encourage all of you to mobilize prayer and fasting meetings for the full 24 hours that this operation is taking place. You can do so via prayer chains or setting up 24/7 rooms in your homes, garages, houses of prayer, churches, business places etc. What I see if groups of 24 praying one hour of the day. The more groups of 24 we have the better. We want to make sure that every minute of the day of this surgery is filled with intense intercession on behalf of Asher. We need heaven to come down to earth and birth a miracle for our little boy.

His recovery will be just as crucial and I am asking for this prayer to continue for the week after the surgery as well. Pray on these things. Many of you may not be able to pull off a 24 hour shift at your location and that is understandable. What I am asking from you is to do what you can with the influence that you have to see this boy's destiny come to pass.

Blessings in Jesus' Name!

M@ Bond


rachel scott said...

Matt I think he looks really good!His color is good and he looks healthy with good weight. Erika did good! Don't worry about how this might affect him later, he will be strengthened in his inner man by this experience. The Lord will see to that!From the beginning I've been hearing the word, "TEST" I believe Holy SPirit was revealing that this is a test for you and Erika, but for YOU especially. It is to show you the power of prayer and many other things but specifically the power of prayer in regards to the prayer networks that the Lord is establishing across the land. You are already seeing the POWER of many in regards to the miracles that are occurring. This experience will empower you in the future to know how to steer others in regards to the many crisis's that we will face in days ahead. Asher has never left my heart since I first heard. He is a Mighty Warrior and he has mighty call. The beautiful artwork was touching and very accurate. His days will cause his strength to increase, God will see to that. God Bless Rachel

Matt & Erika Bond said...

Thank you for the kind words Rachel. I truly believe that verse to be especially for our little Asher. Each day will bring renewed strength and healing!


Anonymous said...

Count us in for the wise prayer and fasting time for Asher! Love, Jack and Sharon

Nixx said...

Yo Matt I miss seeing you, and I know you're focusing on your little boy. It's so ironic that his name is biblical and of someone who's name means "happy" or "blessing". And what I learned "blessing" means today is "gift of God's favor".

So I will fast on liquids tomorrow for your little boy, and I'll be praying for him all day tomorrow. I have things to do in Resound, but he'll be on my heart. Please give my love to your wife and keep me posted; I'll keep checking this site if you all need anything.

Nixx from Resound