Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Prayer Target

I just spoke with Dr. Aldada, one of the physician's watching over our little Asher. He said that they are looking to do the surgery in a few days, possibly Friday or even next Monday because they need Asher's little body to loose some of the fluid he is retaining before they can do the surgery. His little torso is very swollen with extra swelling and edema around his organs. The doctor said that swelling like this is expected after the surgery, but if he looks this swollen before, then there could be too many complications if he were to collect even more fluid. The edema also makes it very difficult for the tissue to heal again post surgery. So, they are giving him some powerful diuretics to force his little kidney's to pass more urine in an attempt to syphon off some of the extra fluid.

Pray that the extra fluid in his body will quickly filter back in through his blood and be passed out of his body. Pray that his kidneys will continue to heal and get stronger even with this extra burden.

Asher is also receiving blood transfusions to keep his blood platelet count up. He is A+ if anyone wants to donate blood for the surgery. I believe there is a 3 day turnover time for donated blood to reach the recipient so it would have to be donated soon. You can contact us if you would like more information on where you can go to donate in his name.

Pray that the blood he is receiving and has already received is clean and free of any sickness that could affect him later. Continue to pray for the continual healing of his Heart, Liver, GI track and Kidney's. Pray for wisdom and Divine incite for the nurses, doctors and surgeons...so that they can determine the right time to operate.

It touches my heart knowing that so many people are praying for my little baby boy. He has a destiny and we are fighting with every weapon in our arsenal to see that destiny fulfilled!! Thank you for joining the ranks of prayer for this little warrior.


christine said...

Isaiah 40:29 The LORD gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

LORD, I pray for Asher and his entire family that in this time you have your eye upon him and know everything about him already. We come to you on YOUR word and ask for power for the waek and strength for the weary into Asher's organs and entire spirit man, heart and body. We ask all this ONLY in YOUR Name and we love that we have a God that we can come to and TRUST and KNOW YOU ARE GOD!!!! YOU ARE GOD!!! We pray for the edema to release from his body and drain out of healthy kidneys and that pharmacists, doctors and all the staff would have the wisdom of God fall upon them and do exactly what is needed for baby Asher at the specific perfect timing of God. I pray for the entire family to continue that perfect peace and find time for rest when Baby Asher comes home and will wake them up in the middle of the nights for all his feedings as he catches up on lost time and grows to be as big and strong as his daddy and wrestle his daddy to the ground because he has such great strength!!! Lord, we ask you for a miracle right now a nd we thank you for being OUR FATHER who takes care of us and loves us a s you do. We feel your presence amd love and the peace is all around this situation. We send angels around Asher to ministre the love of God to him as he is sleeping and awake. In YOUR Name we pray and stand for this family.

Matt and Erika...we love you and are arms atre wrapped around you even though you are miles away.
Bri is praying at IHOP.

Christine Evans and Family

Dixiemom7 said...

I will continue focused prayers for Asher. I have friends on facebook and family in the midwest praying for him too. Love you guys! Let us know when the surgery is scheduled & we will intensify prayer at home with the kids too!

fixedonHim said...

We are praying & standing with you guys. We have several others praying as well.

Give us a call if it is not too late to donate blood. 352-243-4524

Praise God for the ability to send updates so frequently with this blog...it is truly a blessing!!

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. :)

We love you guys,
Roy & Denise Cornett

Sharon said...

Matt and Erika-- Isn't this a most wonderful piece of truth?: "And His fame went throughout all Syria, and they brought unto Him all sick people that were taken with diverse diseases and torments...and He healed them" Mt 4:24. Healed means to wait upon, to adore God, to relieve of disease, cure. We say, Yes, Father, we adore You and Your Son Jesus. We wait on You and watch for You, as we watch for the morning. We see You as You cure Asher, as You compassionately, completely heal him. Spread Your fame God!Amen.

Enrique and Joanne said...

So you know my whole fasting team made Asher our priority this week, We will continue to cry out for him and carry this burden the best we can with you guys, love you and we speak forth speedy healing in Jesus Name!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika and Matt. I am a friend of a friend and was told about baby Asher. I just want you to know that my niece went through this same condition. She was fine for the first few days of life, then it all came crashing down fast and she got to the hospital only just in time. After several heart surgeries, and 6 months in and out of the hospital, she now is a healthy and happy. There is hope. Your baby boy is in the best hands available. Keep the torch buring for him. Love, light, and peace to your heart.