Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prayer Targets, Good News,and some new Pictures

Asher's Condition

Asher is still in stable condition. We got some more news today and more understanding of what is going on with him and where we need to go as far as recovery goes. The drugs that he is on to keep the ductus open in his heart is only a temporary fix and usually lasts a week or two as most. It will eventually cause him more problems if he is on it too long. It is part of what is keeping him alive today but the day will come when he has to get off this medication and have the surgery on his heart done. He is doing good today and he has been on a steady trend of recovering and that is of course what we want to happen. His gut is still swelling by the day and that is not good. The good is that he is off of some of the sedation meds and he is more alert. Tonight after a prayer meeting we had in the chapel with a few of my close friends that I normally pray with on Monday nights. I brought my guitar up played and sang the word of God over Asher and he woke up and looked right at me and started to stir. He was wide awake while I was playing and declaring the Word of The Lord over him. It was an awesome time of bonding that Asher and I had. The best I'd say even since he was born a whole week ago.

While at this prayer meeting a friend of ours named Carolyn painted a picture for Asher and on it she put the scripture from Deuteronomy 33:24-25 and I was singing over him "As your years, so shall your strenth be" over and over again. Then I got the camera out and took the picture of him for you guys to see. It was so encouraging to see this little man abck to himself for a few minutes. Here is the painting that she did.

Today we reallized the intense need for delegation as far as some day to day tasks are concerned while we are here in this situation as today was quite hectic and hurried. Not sure what parts we can delegate yet but we will be sure to let all you who want to help out know as soon as we do know ;)

His kidneys are getting better. Thats definatley better. The function of the kidneys are getting way better. But keep on praying for them.

Pray that Ashers gut would be healed and that the swelling would go down. This is highly important and will be an issue after the surgery as well save The Lord healing him.

Pray that he would steadily recover and be ready to go through the open heart surgery without incident.

Pray for wisdom for those that are working with him. The meds that he is on for the opening of the ductus is only a short term fix. At some point they will go backwards and start to cause damage to his organs, namely, his lungs. But for right now they are helping him to recover by providing his lungs and lower bady with blood flow which of course is integral to his staying alive. Pray that God would give the doctors wisdom so that they would know when to operate on him. that they would find the perefect window of opportunity to operate where his organs will be the strongest.

Pray that he would not only survive the surgery but that he would thrive after the surgery as well. Pray that the surgery would be successful and that follow up surgeries would be unnecessary. That he would recover and surprise everyone by his fast recovery.

There is more new info but it's very late and I don't remember it. So I'm going to close this post for the night and start a new one on some more personal stuff.

Blessings in Jesus' Name!!!



eddie said...

Matt and Erika,
Our prayers are definitely with you and Asher. It brought tears to my eyes to see him hooked up to so many tubes and machines. I couldn't imagine what you must be going through. We are with you.
I pray strength in Jesus name for you to be able to stand in Faith through grace, in Jesus name! We say this child will live and not die, in the name of Jesus!
Love you guys!

Eddie and April Brown

Kim Johnson said...

Thanks for the update. I'm still praying LIFE over Asher!!!!!

Diana Scimone said...

Asher is beautiful! We're praying for him and standing with you both (and Joel) for complete healing. Can't wait to see him at a Monday nite meeting very soon. We love you all and are proud of you!

Love to all,
PS: Carolyn's picture is amazing! I think that's the one she started at the Mon nite mtg on the night that Asher was born? Healing is flowing from Heaven for this precious boy.