Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catching Up and Giving God the Glory!!!

I have to say that it is a little bit daunting trying to start a new post after such a 6 month gap...my bad! So, I'll just jump in like nothing has been missed ;)

Joel is ever becoming a greater source of jOy in our lives. He is almost 14 months and has recently mastered the words "Matt" and "Sthat" which is really What's That? I am so eager to see what he is going to do and say next and just watch him as he putters around the house drumming on things with wooden spoons and then running outside to throw his food in the grass BEFORE eating it ;) I'll post a few pics of my darling child......

Piddlin in Grandma's Fountain

Learning how to Drum from Da Da ;)

This boy is all Smiles....and sooo Handsome ;) We truly are blessed!

Oh...and did I mention that he loves to FLY solo...onto our bed that is

And now for the Awsome God part......we just received our IRS Stimulus deposit for $900 and are FINALLY able to get both of our cars up and running....At the SAME Time!!! ;) Now we have a safely running Volvo with AIR for hot-body Joel and are able to replace the water pump in the Corolla. Matt will be so happy to have his car back again ;) "Thank you sweet Jesus for caring for us so well. We never lack the true necessities and always feel your love for us when they do show up!"

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