Monday, January 12, 2009

Onething 2008

Hello, everyone. It's been quite sometime since I've updated this blog so here is our first post in 2009.

First off I want to thank all of you that were instrumental in sending me financially and through your prayers. It was an amazing experience that I walked away from transformed and with renewed vision.

At Onething 08 God reaffirmed the call to minister, primarily as a Forerunner. He reaffirmed the call to night and day prayer for my entire family as well as the call to justice. He made it abundantly clear that this is to be our ministry for the rest of our lives. At Onething, I took what was referred to as the "Sacred Charge". Which was the commitment of a Forerunner to commit my life to preparing the church and the earth for the second coming of Christ as an intercessor and a messenger. This Sacred Charge consists of 7 commitments:

1. Pray Daily: I commit to minister to The Lord in the Word and Prayer for a minimum of 2
hours a day. The goal is to do this for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. I will also be reading
through the book of Revelation once a week for the next 3 years.
2. Fast Weekly: I commit to fast 2 days a week.
3. Speaking Boldly: I commit to being a faithful witness and speak boldly in a agreement with
The Word and Jesus's heart.
4. Do Justly: I commit to doing works of justice focusing on the fatherless and the oppressed
5. Give Extravagantly: I commit to give 20% of our finances to establishing the prayer
movement in the earth. This number will grow in time as God gives us grace.
6. Live Holy: I commit to the purity covenant and to living the Sermon on the Mount
(Matthew 5,6,7)
7. Lead Diligently: I commit to lead at least one prayer meeting and one bible study a week.

This is the Sacred Charge that I officially took at Onething 08. It embodies all the passions in my heart and all the things that God has called us to over the years. I am relieved and exhilarated at the new, yet familiar, direction that The Lord is taking us in this new season of our lives.

I also made a connection with a ministry called Exodus Cry. It a new ministry that is working to raise up a prayer movement to end global slavery. I met the leader, Benji Nolot at the table they had at Onething after hearing him speak with some people that had walked up to the table. IHOP had recently released a recording of a set that he prayer leads for on Monday from 8-10 gripped my heart and I have listened to the mp3 many times. He gave a praise report and then began to pray for Svay Pak, Cambodia. I would always be gripped with intercession and begin to weep for these women and children that are caught in the grasp of the sex trade in that nation. I recognized his voice due to the amount of time I listen to the prayer meeting on my ipod, so I went up and introduced myself.

I have been in contact with him and I am working towards starting an Exodus Cry chapter here in Orlando so that we can quickly unify in intercession to see this atrocity ended in our city and the nations of the earth. You can learn more about Exodus Cry and

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