Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Journal Entry from last night and yesterday.

This is a journal entry that I typed up last night. It's definitely not meant to be proffessional by any means but I really wanted to share this with those of you that would be interested in what's up with me lately.

Bless you all in Jesus' Name!!!!


The whole flight was quite a divine appointment. At the gate in Kansas City, I went to the restroom and I wept that I was going to miss my family. My wife, Erika and my boys, Joel and Asher. I then asked God to honor the sacrifice of time not being spent with my family. This trip, it truly is a sacrifice. In the past, I would look forward to being by myself and not having to worry about the kids and my wife because back then, all I saw and felt when I was around them was my own failure and inability to be a good father and a husband and it was painful to be around them all the time. Now that The Holy Spirit revealed Himself to me in the way He did a week or so ago, I now know that I have what it takes to be a good father and husband due to the fact that Christ died and His Spirit now lives in me and with Him there is nothing that is impossible to me. since that encounter, I've been clothed with grace and confidence when it comes to my fathering because I'm now more aware of the fact that the Spirit of My Father in Heaven lives inside me. I am able to now be a good husband because I now know that the Spirit of the Bridegroom now lives in me therefore I have what it takes to love my wife the way Christ lives the church.

Because of that experience and what I am now aware of, I can now tap into the Holy Spirit and love my sons and my wife and I am now free to walk in confidence and can now really enjoy my family so the pleasurable aspects of traveling that used to delight my heart when it comes to being away from the family now brings mourning in my heart. I now want to be with them instead of away from them.

So when I checked into the airport and got to my gate, I saw Jordan sitting there and we were on the same flight and we were able to talk a bit while on the plane. It was a great experience.

When the plane landed, I discover that my phone didn't work because the battery was dead and needed charging and I really needed to get a hold of my mom to come and take me to the car I am to drive for my time here in Florida. She ended up seeing me and Jordan walking and we met up. It was pretty sweet. She was in starbucks getting coffee and then we were able to meet up in spite of the fact that my phone was dead and I had no way of calling her to let her know where I was. God is so Good!!! I love it when He orchestrates these types of things!!!

I was then with our family (spiritual family) at the Moskos' house and I lead worship for a time and at the end I really flet the spirit of prophecy and people got ministered to and I took an altar callish thing for prayer and commissioned everyone in the room who's hand wasn't raised to pray for the sick. Not sure how that turned out but Lorraine ended up suggesting that we pray for our friend. The Lord revealed to me that she had a father wound and that God wanted to bring healing to her as it related to her identity before her Heavenly Father. God really met her and brought her back to some really deep wounds form abuse she had received when she was a child during which she made an inner vow that she was a second class citizen in her fathers house. She began to weep and tell us the story of a terribly violent and abusive event that happened with her father and The Lord really ministered to her concerning her identity. It was amazing and very satisfying to see The Lord use me the way He did. I love seeing the captives set free. I was made for this. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

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