Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Update

The Long Awaited Photo Update of the Bond Family (mainly the boys anyways)

I don't even know where to start with updates on Asher, but I'll give it a good try. Our appointments have gone down to every 3-6 months with the docs and still 3 times a week with the therapists. Things are going well...he is completely off of the feeding pump and is taking all of his liquids by mouth with thickener added to keep him from aspirating. We just got the results from some heart tests and everything is looking GREAT! The "kink" in his aorta is opening up as he grows and he has a fully functioning heart. More to come on his Urinary tract as those tests are scheduled for mid Feb...but we are believing for a good report.

Joel is awesome....he's such a boy!! Balls, Garbage Trucks, Chalk, Sports....just some of his favorite things. He loves riding his "Concrete Mixer" (bike) around the house like a crazy! But, at the same time, he is so gentle and loving to Asher. He comes into the room some times and Asher just starts grinning and laughing at the sight of him. They love each other so very much and that touches my heart. are the pics ;)

Christmas morning - Joel opening his toy Garbage Truck!!! (yup...that's Asher under the couch ;)

Joel's special "garbage man wave"...lovingly given to his precious garbage truck. This is our ritual every Tuesday morning......wake up and stand in the drive way to wave at the 3 trucks that come by.

Our friend Anna gave Joely a Fohawk over New Years.

His first time experiencing ice outside. It wasn't much, but it did the trick!

This is what Joel calls "Riding Machines". Don't really know where that one came from...

Asher getting a diper change in a very cold car....but it didn't phase his Joy!!

During a therapy session at Arnold Palmer Rehab

He's getting so nice and plump compared to when he first came home. I love squeezing those cheeks ;)

Thinking about trying to pull himself up.

The first time Ash pulled himself up in his crib.....
he could finally get a good look at the glowing music maker!

This is how I woke up this morning...with Ash giggling and cooing, all proud of himself for getting up on his own.

Vocalizing a bit...

And just being overall cute ;)

My handsome men cooking breakfast!

So, that is a window in the life of the boys. We'll update some more on us soon. Blessings!

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fixedonHIM said...

Ahhh...absolutely precious...that is what your family is!! :) It is such a Joy and testimony to look at these pics and see all that the Lord has done. Looking forward, I can't wait to see the pics of the plans He has for you all in KC. Thanks for sharing, Erika.