Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Update on my Dad...

Dad had to go back to the hospital a few days ago due to some complications with fluid retention and some bloating in his abdomen. Because of the complications, they have decided to go ahead and have the colonoscopy done in order to find out exactly what they are dealing with. Results came back today positive for cancer. They are going in tomorrow (Wed) afternoon to remove it and find out exactly what type of cancer he has.

We were all a bit shaken hearing this news because dad has always been on some sort of health kick or another for as long as I have been alive. Having this happen to someone so near me has really affirmed how fragile this existence really is. We are but a vapor, the bible says, "here today and gone tomorrow"...

Right now, we are gathering what faith we can muster and standing before God on his behalf. Please join us in prayerfully seeking his FULL RECOVERY! One concern I have is that this illness will sap what remaining muscular strength he still has which, once gone, is mostly gone forever due to the muscular dystrophy. Please pray for strength to return to his body and for his muscles to regenerate fully. That God would direct the hands of the surgeons to be skillful in their task and thorough in removing the mass. We come against any residual infections or complications post surgery and speak LIFE into his body! I release ministering angels to tend him and help uphold his faith and hope. That he would be able to SLEEP, even though the waves of fear and uncertainty rage! Thank you Father, God!

Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support of my family during this time. Please keep my mother in your prayers, that she would be strong and at peace.



fixedonHIM said...

Erika, we stand in agreement with you all and are believing for a complete healing miracle in Jesus name.

Love you guys,
The Cornett Family

Dixiemom7 said...

We are praying for your dad and entire family. Healing in Jesus' name!!!

Diana Scimone said...

Erika, I stand in agreement with you for complete healing. Jehovah Rapha, we call on You and acknowledge that You are lord of all. All cancer and disease must bow to You. We ask for ministering angels to surround Erika's dad right now and pour on him the balm of Gilead for complete healing.

We love you, Erika and Matt, and are standing with you.