Friday, October 9, 2009

Post Surgery News on My Dad...

Dad went in to surgery on Wednesday night to have the large mass/tumor removed from his Colon. They ended up removing half of his colon to ensure they got it all. We are still waiting for the final lab results on the mass to tell us exactly what type of cancer, etc, we are dealing with here. Dad is now having a rough time post surgery. He is dealing with quite a bit of fluid retention and is being moved to another room so that the nurses can keep a better eye on him.

Please join with us in prayer that his kidneys will start processing and removing more of the extra fluid from his body. That his healing would be fast and painless and that clarity would return to his mind. (the drugs are making him a little scattered). I call forth ministering angels to keep him and protect him from any infection that would try to take hold and or from any medical negligence that could occur. I ask for heavenly wisdom to rest on his care staff, from the surgeon on down to the nurse's assistant who changes the sheets. I speak peace and steadfastness into my mother, Glenna, that she would lean on and gain her strength from Holy spirit, our Helper and Comforter. I pray that she would be physically strengthened to withstand any illness or weakness that this stressful situation could bring on. I pray that she be able to sleep in the midst of this storm.

Thank you for standing with my family during this time. Your prayers bring more encouragement than you know...they move mountains, so please PRAY!!


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