Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Smyrna Weekend Getaway.... Thank God!!!

Here is a photo update about our amazing beach getaway last weekend, compliments of our dear friend Karen who allowed us to use her beach cottage, as well as our fellow intercessors at OHOP who donated to our gas/food money fund! The getaway was so much needed. God is really working in our hearts right now about turning our ministry focus towards our own family first and this time away together was a step in the right direction.

Matt and I enjoying each other in the morning sea air

Making bubbles with Joel's new bubble wand. I had that thing tucked away in the back of my closet waiting for just such a day as this!!

Daddy showing Joel a "pill bug"... I called them "rolly polly's" when I was little

Baby Asher sleeping on our bed

Joel was so excited playing with the bubbles!

Matt then went inside and made us breakfast

Cheesy eggs over whole wheat english muffin...mmmmmm ;) He knows how I like em ;)

Joel was driving hard for a beach visit, but we kept him busy until after breakfast was over with stickers. This is the book his "Mamma Glenna" gave him just before we left.

Finally, off to the beach. This is the first time he has been able to wear his little beach suit his Aunt Alexis gave him. It was a huge help in protecting his little white body from the sun.

I love watching him interact with his Daddy!!

Scary waves

He kept running from the incoming waves... it was so cute ;)

Asher making a funny face while riding in my baby sling

Running Joel...

"A Plane, A Plane!"

Joely using his cup...moments later it was swept away by the surf to join the Pacific Garbage Patch...I made myself feel better about losing the cup by picking up some old tire on my return trip to the cottage. Have to do my part...

Matt wanted Joel to get use to the waves and not be afraid so he brought Joel up on his lap and shielded him from the big waves. Joely felt nice and safe with his daddy ...they stayed like this for over half an hour.

Asher passed out

He was wide awake once we got back he is playing with his feeding tube

His whole being smiles when he is happy....he is such a blessing to us!!!

The small house directly behind the minivan is the cottage we stayed in, right on New Smyrna beach

This is the view from our back deck

Dinner at "Breakers"... I think we caught Asher mid blink in this pic.

My bearded hubby... still handsome behind all that fuzz!

We had to walk a mile or so down the beach to the restaurant. Joel got tired on the way back and hitched a ride from dad.

Asher loved watching the waves. He is so beautiful ;)

Impromptu Family Pic

Matt looking for his corncob pipe............

Sunday afternoon, on our way home. Joel passed out cold with his blankie just minutes after we started driving.

It was a wonderful trip... a little short but well worth the work! Hope you enjoyed!
Erika ;)


Dixiemom7 said...

What a blessing! How exciting that you all got to get away! Loved all the pictures. your family is a beautiful blessing!

Gandree said...

This was just what you needed. You looked more relaxed than you have been in a long time and it looks like Joel was a lot of fun to watch.

fixed on HIM said...

How fun...what a beautiful place for you all to get away! The boys are adorable. :)

Trafficmom said...

Loved, loved, loved the pics. So wonderful that you got this nice little vacation. The ocean might be full of junk out there, but it has not lost its magical ability to drain us of our stress and bad tiredness.

I wonder, would it work to string some teething rings onto the feeding tube? Asher could play with them instead of the tube.