Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing Blog Catch up ;)

Alright, we underwent the long test to see how efficiently Asher's kidney's are functioning and emptying and they are doing GREAT! The Ureter connecting his left kidney to the bladder is still HUGE but the urologist is willing to wait and see if things even out as he grows. Thank God we aren't having to go the route were he has to pee from his hip....that was just too weird!!! As long as he doesn't start developing urinary track infections or the dilation gets worse then we are just going to let it be for now. I have started taking Cranactin, a cranberry supplement to help urinary track infections, in the hopes it will be passed on to Asher through the breast milk. The cranberry extract makes it so that any bacteria present won't be able to adhere to the walls of the urinary track. I've also upped my supplement program to include Elderberry extract and Olive leaf, immune boosters and Anti-viral agents to help me and Asher get over our chest colds. I feel like half of my breakfast is pills ;p, but it is helping. My chest is beginning to clear and that is usually a stronghold in my body.

I think I'm going to post a few pics of the boys from the past weeks, just to photoblog you up to date ;)

Asher just after rolling over for the first time!!

Asher's first time in the exer-saucer. He got tired really fast but this is so good for getting him to use and exercise his legs. He doesn't put much weight on them yet.

Matt showing Joel how to drum in our GHOP (Garage House of Prayer). Joel LOVES the drums

Joel in his "ball pit" with the "stinky blanky"... we are hoping the blanky phase is coming to an end soon.

Joel standing in Matt's djembe case. He's soo cute !! ;)

Erika ;)


Dixiemom7 said...

Awesome post! Love the family pics and that Asher is doing so well. I continue lifting him in prayer. A family member recently asked me for an update on Asher - I sent your last blog entry. They are keeping him lifted up!

fixedonHim said...

Beautiful pictures!! :)

Still praying for you all. Erika, how are you? You were on my heart today.