Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Trip To The Neurologist

Our little trip to the neurologist went very well today. In fact, despite the heat, the car didn't even shut off while driving...which is always a concern nowadays. Asher was sleeping peacefully when we arrived. I had done all I could to keep him awake until we got there because they wanted to read his brain activity while he was sleeping and we only had a 45 min window. Well, he didn't disappoint ...he just woke for a moment while they attached the electrodes to his head, but then zonked right back out and slept through the rest of the test like a dream. Here are some pics. They may look intense, but the test was really non-invasive, just a lot of wires reading brain activity and looking for seizures...which I don't think they found any (waiting for the doctor's official report)

Asher getting all wired up. He didn't mind this.

The gauze used to hold the electrodes in place...now that was another story!

He was like...."Oh geez, can we just get this over"...hehe ;)

Fine and dandy again! And just a few red marks for proof of his braveness ; )

We have another follow-up appointment scheduled for August 11'th, but I'm really hoping that the doctor will call me with results and allow me to ween Asher off of the Phenobarbitol. That drug has side effects which include drowsiness and disorientation and isn't a good start for a little guy trying to learn how to sit up and eventually walk.

Tuesday I head back over to the therapists for another oral motor evaluation and then on to the Congenital Heart Institute to have another Eco-Cardiogram done. This is the test which shows Asher's heart using a 3-D image. He has had them done before and we already know that it exaggerates his problem and makes a serious condition look even worse....but I'm hoping it will show a drastic improvement from before. Please continue to pray on these things! All that we have been working for with the eating and the reduction of meds will be reversed if he has to go in for another operation, not to mention the risks of the surgery itself. I'm just looking for fellow believers to agree with us in prayer that this little boy is going to be healed and not need anymore serguries, period!!!


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