Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today was a busy day... waking up early to shower and get a few minutes in the word before waking the family, then dropping Joel at "Momma Glenna's", Matt at OHOP and then off to Asher's appointments. All before 9 am this morning. First we saw his speech therapist who encouraged me to resume the small trial oral feeds with Asher....she didn't hear any aspiration this morning, but it is difficult to tell because he makes a lot of airway noises. After that we had a brief consult with his Occupational Therapist who evaluated the finger splint she made last week and smoothed some edges per my request. I showed her the modifications I made with the bands and she said they were fine. Here is a pic of the splint:

I used some bandaid sticky wrap to keep the splint in place, instead of the bulky velcro wrap they had which fell off and scratched skin.

The splint is really just a piece of plastic material that has been heated and molded to his hand in the right shape. He doesn't like it much, because he likes to stroke his nose while sucking on his other hand and this impairs him.

After therapy, we walked over to the Congenital Heart Institute for our check up and eco-cardiogram. This test was the most important one he has had so far, in my point of view. This one test could be used to see whether he would need another open heart surgery or not. the veridct.....HIS HEART IS WORKING BEAUTIFULLY and his AORTA IS GROWING WITH HIM!!!! Praise You Jesus!! We have been praying for just this news! Dr. Dave was thinking that Asher would probably need another trip to the Cath-Lab to see how his heart was functioning (invasive procedure, but not heart surgery)...and even that wasn't needed. He wants us to come back in 4 months for a check up, but he said that if his progress continues like it is then he doesn't forsee another surgery anytime soon. What Heavenly news to a momma's ears. I couldn't wait to get on the phone to tell Matt. The doctor also said I could stop giving him the Diuril (diuretic used after heart surgery to prevent congestive heart failure) ....so another med Bites the Dust! Now we are down to 3 and I'm hoping that within another few months he will be down to just the Vit D suppliment to help regulate his calcium levels. Unless he is to be healed of that too....nothing is too big for my God!

Here is a pic of Asher getting his heart vitals read. He scored a 100 which is perfect! All of the wires look intimidating, but they are just stuck to little sticky tabs placed on his skin. He was funny looking up all startled at the ladies.

All in all, I'd say it was a wonderful day with some really REALLY good news! Thank you to everyone who has been prayer for our little warrior... it really does help!



Sarah Joy Albrecht said...

Praising God with you!!!!!!

Diana Scimone said...

Awesome, awesome news! Really exciting--God is so good! He is such a trooper and soooo adorable.

I look forward to seeing a before-and-after photo set: the "before" photo you took last spring of all the meds you left the hospital with, and an "after" photo of, well, of no meds! You'll have to figure out how to show a photo of nothing, but I have faith in you.

We continue to stand with you for more and more and more good news!


fixedonHim said...

PRAISE GOD!!!! What an awesome report, we are rejoicing with you!! We Praise You Jesus... by your stripes we are healed!

The Cornett Family