Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swallow Study Tuesday.....and Asher Vid ;)

Time for Praise Reports!!! As most of you who are following Asher's miraculous progress should know, we have been waiting for Asher's swallow study to be scheduled so that we can move forward onto oral feeds. Well, it has been almost 2 weeks since his ENT appointment where they said his vocal chords were now fully functioning...and no call regarding the study. Well, I called again today to see if they had any news on when the test was scheduled to be and the file notes said July 15th.'s great that they had the test scheduled, but not so good because it is over a month away. Well, I was on the phone with a great many different offices today during Joel's nap and right before my last call my phone rang and it was from Arnold Palmer. A nice young lady greeted me and sounded almost apologetic when she informed me that they had a cancelation in their office and Asher could move into that slot for Tuesday morning. YUP, that 's right.....tomorrow morning!!!! I can't describe to you how overjoyed I was on the truly made my day. I had been growing a little concerned about Asher's suck/swallow reflex if we didn't get him tested soon. Babies have a NEED to suck when they are little, but after about 4 months it starts to deminish and Asher will be 4 months old on the 23rd. Needless to say this test being moved up is a huge answer to prayer. I shed tears in my dish water last night as I cried out to the Holy Spirit, our helper, for breakthrough on this matter. Both Asher and I NEED to be able to nurse for a handful of reasons and I'm not giving up until we achieve it!

Please continue to keep Asher's swallow study in your prayers. That he would have no problem sucking from the bottle, swallowing, breathing and no refluxing!

I also spoke with the Arnold Palmer representative today regarding Asher's pinky finger. She said the doctor's report states that this is most likely something resulting from the length of hospital stay and not a mistake on the behalf of the attendants. I'm still not liking the image in my head of his little finger being all bent under the tape, but if it is something related to atrophy then I'm glad we caught it now while he is still soft and growing. So, he has been referred to go in for occupational therapy on his hand and to have a splint made up for him to help straighten it out. I'm just glad that it doesn't look to need surgery and that the hospital got me in to see the orthopedic which I was having no luck getting in to see due to the fact that none of them accept medicaid at this time. FRUSTRATING! So, Asher will be on the mend in that area soon. I will keep you all posted of his future progress ;)

Below are a few more recent pics of Asher boy:

Asher checking out his hand again. Facinating little apendiges aren't they ;)

Align CenterLooking a bit inquisitive in this pic.

This is a little video showing how alert and active Asher is becoming.

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Dixiemom7 said...

That's so exciting! He's so cute, I just want to squeeze him. I can't wait to hear how the test went today.