Friday, June 5, 2009

Pinky Fingers and Willfull Outbursts!!!!!

Well, Asher's pinky isn't broke OR dislocated. It seems to be soft tissue that is making it curl up like that ...probably a short/tight tendon. I asked the doctor if this kind of thing just happens, or if it looked to be the result of an injury and he said in most cases where this presents in children, it usually takes around a year to show up. Since this is showing around 3 months, it could be the result of an injury....or just "one of those things"'s hard to say. I am still leaning towards the side of it being injured because of what I saw in the hospital with it being taped down sideways, but I don't know how the hospital is going to see it. I am going to call them back today to see what this news means in regard to Asher's future hand treatments. The doctor prescribed a splint, as well as occupational therapy to see if they can get the ligament to loosen up. If the finger doesn't straighten out by the time he is a teenager, then they may go in and do surgery if it is still giving him problems. I'm just glad to finally know what we are dealing with here. I hated the thought that he could have sustained a broken finger...which would have been hard to do considering the cartilage to bone ratio of babies....they are very soft still.

So, end result....I have another appointment to add to weekly list. But that isn't all bad. I was actually enjoying my time away from the house (and my strong willed 2 year old) yesterday. It gave me time to breathe and get re-focused before diving back in to the battle of the wills...which seems to be playing out much more lately. I don't think it is because Joel is acting up more than usual....on the contrary, I think it is because I have just started to step back into the game.
For a while, I was so stressed out just trying to deal with what was happening on a daily basis with Asher that I stepped away from the plate when it comes to disceplining my fact I think I was hiding in the dugout. Joel has been very pleasantly having his own way for a few months now and enjoying every minute of it. What changed you ask? Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family.....that's what brought everything back into focus for me and encouraged me to step back up and be the dominant parent to my son. So now times of conflict are more frequent....I'm more tired....but hopefully my son is becoming a more well balanced little man for the effort.

Keep me in your prayers. This kid is definitely a God given challenge to mold us, but it is only by God's grace that I'm going to survive this! ;)



Dixiemom7 said...

It's my belief that all children are God given challenges. They are also God given blessings to give us insight into God the Father! Aha, the double edged sword. I pray peace over you as you tackle discipline issues. Love you guys!

Gandree said...

Hi Erika, My boss's wife said her son was born with the cord wrapped around his neck. He was fine but because of it, he had a short tendon in his neck and couldn't straighten his head up. They had to stretch it and work on it but he is fine. Her point was that if the pressure of the cord could cause that, so could tape if the finger was taped that way long enough. In any case, I believe Asher will be fine.

As for Joel, I think you are right that the battles are worse for you because he had too much freedom but it couldn't be helped. Keep pressing on and he'll finally give in. He's a smart boy and he loves you.

Momma Glenna