Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Moment in Time, Joel Style!

This is Joel, my beautiful 2 year old with a knack for getting into interesting predicaments. Instance above....suctioning empty fruit cup to face and all with a graceful flash of his unbelievably long eye lashes!!! This little guy is wonderfully brilliant and full of mischief. I partially blame myself for allowing him to become to independent, but it was so cute watching him explore his new world as a young toddler. If I had been a bit more reserved then, I probably wouldn't have messes like this now...

This is the view I had waiting for me when I finally withdrew from my bedroom during yet another pumping session. (for those of you who are youngest son was hospitalized with an interrupted Aortic Arch at 3 days old and could not take any food for 2 months... I have been pumping ever since February 26th....) It is during these pumping sessions that my son instinctively turns into the most un-inhibited version of himself, not too unlike a werewolf during a full moon. I'm sure he knows punishment will surely follow, but for those 20 minutes or so, he can snoop unrestricted. It was during one of these sessions that he discovered I had forgotten to lock up the pantry door and since he loves eating dried anything.....he decided to feast on some Old Fashioned Rolled Oats and Special K cereal...then strew them over half the living / dining rooms.

At least he knew that he made a mess and tried to get the broom out to fix the situation.

I then caught him eating out of his chewable vitamin jar.....still don't know how he got past that child proof lid, but apparently it posed no great challenge. (FYI...those are beer bottles, but I use them to make home brewed Water Kefir)

So, after a few licks on his shorts and a stern talking too, he was put to the task of cleaning up his mess. Looks wonderful, yes....sorry it only lasted 15 seconds ;(

So that was a snippet out of my day. How did a portion of your minutes go?


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Dixiemom7 said...

This looks all too familiar...
Love that you're teaching him to clean up his messes; he already knows a little! Get one of those kid-sized brooms at Toys R Us for him! Mine also love to get in to stuff while I am busy (ie: in the bathroom, on the phone for the only time in a day, in the shower.) Is that part of original sin (temptation) or just plain ol' kid stuff?