Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Week In Pics

Asher is doing really well. He still has the occasional cough, but it is less frequent than a few days ago and it is also dryer sounding, so hopefully my cold didn't get him. I was told by my ped to start taking Elderberry so that he could get it through the milk. It's an immune booster. I had already started taking Olive Leaf, which does the same thing and more. Good for what ails you, it is ;)

I noticed that we were getting to be a little verbose this past week without giving you guys some pics as a breather ;) So, here is a recap of the past week...just the highlites.

I love how normal and everyday Asher looks in this pic. He's just lazing away in momma's arms and loving it!

We had a day where Joel wanted to play outside in the leaves so Matt brought his setup out of doors to accommodate his wish. Sleeping Asher in one hand and the Bible in the other...that's my man!!

Our little angel boy. I definitely think he is going to favor my side of the family (Erika). My chin and mouth, dark brown eyes and a small forehead ;)

Matt and Asher catching up on their shuteye this afternoon. They both just passed out in no time at all!

I found out that it is the sling wearing that is bothering my neck, but I can't stop until I find a good alternative option for carrying Asher around. I think it will help him not be some far behind developmentally if we introduce him to movement and different positions now.

Joel asked to hold Asher on Monday. He looks so proud of himself...holding his little brother! ;)

Joely found a new hiding space in the kitchen ;)

Playing in Asher's bouncy chair. He didn't want Ash getting all the fun toys! ;)

Well, that's about it for me today....I'm pooped and keep falling asleep in between uploading pics. Hope you enjoyed my family! More news updates and whatnots later.


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