Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Night at The Garden Gate

Hello excellent ones in whom is all God's delight!!!

I really don't have adequate words to describe our experience last night and today. I feel like I got saved again or something. It was just amazing. I Love the presence of God and it was so there. His pleasure was felt so blatantly. The Lord has been speaking to me about this for a number of years now and it is all starting to come together and I couldn't be more pleased. People encountered the heart of God. Some for the first time in a long time. I really just don't have words. I am in awe. Really in awe of what God is doing in our midst.

Karen (the owner of The Garden Gate Tea Room) and the crew have been building and building for 12 years (today was actually the 12th birthday by the way) and she is telling me that she has been building and waiting for 12 years for us to come. I feel so at home in these women's presence. She was telling me that what we are bringing together with what she has done is the fulfillment of the vision that she has had for years and she has been so welcoming and loving.

God had been speaking to me about these meetings that He wanted me to start for the last 2 or more years but there hasn't been a venue or the contacts to make it happen. All that to find that this is it!!! It is so worth the wait!!! I have been moved to tears a number of times today as time after time after time it has been clearly confirmed to us that this is what we need to be giving ourselves to. This is the vision that I've been carrying in my heart for all this time or at least a massive part of it.

God has given me a strategy for revival and so far He has provided all the means to come this far. I am so stoked because if this much has come to pass, I can't wait until the other stuff does. All this happening like this has confirmed to us that this is indeed His plan and not some ambition of my own heart. It is so comforting to know that this was His idea and that He is with us and commissioning us to go to work on this thing.

So here are some pics that I hope you will enjoy. Erika will post her perspective of things later on and that will give you all a more full picture of what went on. My mind and fingers just don't have the capacity to adequately explain whats going on in my spirit and my heart.

So here they be:

This is a pic of me setting up the sound system before everything started up.

That is me worshiping my face off and loving God with what He gave me. Our roomate, Derek, is on the left playing backup guitar.

People worshiping God and encountering His heart in an awesome way.

Another pic of the ones whom Jesus is madly in Love with.

Jordan and Cody played a set for a while. It was absolutely amazing. Cody has a voice like some type of angel or something and her songs are perfect for this.

I had just finished my first set and I was thanking God while staring at the stars pledging my life to Him and surrendering myself to Him and to this work. Erika snapped this right after I told God that I would give my life to follow this vision He has given me. Quite the precious moment I'd say. Good job Erika!!!! Your a great picture taker!!!

Asher!!! The man himself. He did so good last night. He kept us up a bit after we went to bed but other than that, he was amazing and oh so beautiful and loved by all.

After the first set, I went in to get some refreshments and ended up talking to these beautiful people about God and what He's doing and what not etc etc. The guacamole was amazing. I'm telling you all, you've got to come and eat at the Garden Gate. The food is truly perfect and divinely inspired.

Little Asher man is sound asleep. He knocked out after the first set.

The ladies at the Garden Gate were so gracious and kind to us. They let us stay the night in one of their spare rooms with this perfectly firm bed that was just like my grandma used to have at her house in Louisiana. It was perfect once again. Erika snapped this pic of Karen and I where she was telling me that the night before, she looked out this window and saw her vision coming to pass. She saw it like a pencil drawing and last night when she looked out the window, it all came to life in full color. It is such a blessing to know that me doing what I do for God is bringing to pass the vision of such beautiful people that have labored for so long. I love the life and mission that God has given me. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places, surely I am seeing The Goodness of The Lord in the land of the living.

The view from the window Karen and I were looking from. This is the small gathering for the Sunday Brunch after worship.

After our morning worship time, Karen felt we needed to ask if anyone saw anything, like visions or what not and this little guy came up and was sharing what He "saw". He told us about bubble and trees and boxes. It was adorable. "Let the little children come to me", Jesus ;)

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Melissa Carroll said...

Erica/Matt I just wanted to thank you so much for walking out the will of God. The night changed my stagnent relationship with Christ. The last year has been a rocky journey to see His vision but it is starting to come together. It was really funny that we started talking about the birth center thing...The reason I say thatis because I was going to start praying about starting the process to get a grant to start a birth center. THe Crazy part it is about 5 houses down from the restruant. And I know the man who is selling the property...he wants it to go to someone specail. It has the same feeling as you get when you step foot info the Garden Gate.
The only reason I have not gone forward is because I felt as the lord was telling me I needed to meet someone who I could partner with. Due to the crazy schedual and having young children. When I first meet Nicole I declaire that we would start a birth center...she laught at me and I felt defeated. But with resent history she is stoked to do more births. Anyways just a thought and a prayer that you guys might entertain. Love you guys and hope maybe my husband and I can get together with you guys some time.