Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Recap and Some Pics!

Fwew....I finally made it back to the blog. I was so worn out from this past weekend's activities that I haven't been waking up to pump at my usual 4am.. . ..hence, no blog. It's the only time of day that I'm not being pulled in multiple directions at once and I can actually think!

I want to do a little recap of last Saturday because that was one busy day and I have some good pics just waiting to be posted. The 16th was my chiropractor's 23rd business anniversary and he threw a little shin dig to celebrate which included giving away thousands of dollars worth of free services!! Matt was invited to come play worship, on and off, for a two hour span and I brought the kiddo's a little later so Joel could play in the bounce house and see Spiderman. I also wanted to enter the cupcake contest and be in the running for a free neck roll (pillow). I was up until 1am making Joel's apple birthday cake into muffins and then up again the next morning making the fresh whipped cream that goes on top....they are delicious together and I'm quite proud to say I brought home my trophy neck roll just yesterday!! Here are some pics from that morning:
Matt is in the background with his guitar and Joel is in the green shirt. He was collecting all the balloons he could find ; )

My man worshiping his heart out! He loved the fact that he was able to do what he does in prayer meetings right in the middle of a working business. Now THAT'S marketplace ministry!!

The cupcake display table.

Joel enjoying one of my cupcakes and looking up at more balloons!

Right after getting out of the jump house. He was taking a breather ; )

Joel pushing around this HUGE blowup ball. He had quite a blast with this thing!

That afternoon is when we headed over to Mt. Dora to get ready for the tent meeting at the Garden Gate Tea Room. What a weekend that was. Karen opened up her house to Matt and I to stay the night after the worship event, because it got out so late. I think I got dehydrated because I passed out downstairs in the restaurant on a bench seat where Matt found me and took me upstairs. After a good nights sleep, I was ready to go again on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Chappel, two very dear friends of Karen's, came out and ministered to our handfull of people after worship at the Brunch. They are in their 80's and are simply ON FIRE FOR GOD!! Brother Chappell taught on the practical terms of reaching the 3rd heavens (God's realm) in our everyday and praying from that place. Praying in tongues is a huge part of that and at the end, he offered to pray for us to receive more prayer languages, if we wanted them. Well, I have felt stagnant in that area for a while now, so I was eager to get a fresh prayer language. He described prayer in multiple tongues as changing gears in a car. You start out in your first tongues to get going and then shift into other tongues once you really start accelerating towards heaven. He had us all just start praying in tongues and then he released a new language on us, in the Spirit. It was wild!!! As soon as he did, Matt and I started speaking in tongues we had never heard before. I couldn 't believe that IT WORKED!! I'm such a skeptic....I hate it....but this time I was so surprised. I love it when God really shows up in a big way! Everytime the Holy Spirit is moving around me, I get all teary eyed and it had been happening on and off all morning. But, when we got into the new tongues, I couldn't keep the sobs inside any longer. After we prayed in the new tongues for a while, he released another language on us in the Spirit and instantly the tongues we were speaking changed AGAIN! It was wild.........the words coming out of my mouth changed on their own and sounded almost oriental. I am so greatful to God for the gift of multiple other different dialects and other languages that the Holy Spirit can use to pray the perfect will of God through me without my mind getting in the way. It was powerful.

After that settled down, Brother Chappell asked if anyone needed prayer for healing in their bodies and Matt and I took little Asher forward. Everyone else went in to eat the brunch, so we were the only one's left in the tent except for one other man who wanted prayer. Brother Chappell counciled us on repentance for sin which can be the cause of a child's illness. Sin opens the door for death and disease to enter in to our families and once repented for, healing can take place. We both have things that we deal with and were about to the limit of what we ourselves could correct....we needed God to intervene and take the rest out of us and he did. Matt had deliverance in some areas of his life that have haunted his past and I had some hurts ministered to. Then he prayed for little Asher's total and complete healing. He prayed that what the enemy intended for Asher's destruction would now be his strength and that there would be NO mental retardation due to his original chromosome disorder (because we believe he has been healed by the blood of Jesus) and that he would have a Brilliant Mind instead because God is in the business of restoring above and beyond what the enemy has stolen! So, we are watching Asher each day to witness his continued healing! I believe we saw the first evidence of it just yesterday. We had to take Asher in to see his endocrinologist who wanted some lab work done to test Asher's blood for a calcium deficiency. It goes along with having DiGeorge Syndrome and Asher wasn't on any calcium suppliments. Well, when the blood analysis came back, his calcium levels were perfect! I know for a fact that they had to give him scheduled calcium doses while he was in the hospital because he was hypocalcemic, but I believe this news is evidence of his progressive healing taking place. God is so good!

Here are a couple pictures of Asher:

He found his hand this past week and I caught him looking at it. Adorable!

This is little man sitting on my lap during the Sunday tent meeting, just enjoying being outside on a beautiful day! He has been putting on more weight, Praise God, about an ounce a day!

That's it for now. Back to bed for me!

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